SurePet 2 in 1 - Dog Training Clicker & Whistle

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Melody E.
Dogs Respond Better

These are nice to have on hand so I put one in each of our cars for park outings & have several around the house. Because of the sudden noise, the dogs seem to react quicker knowing that they will get positive reinforcement...a treat for appropriate behavior.

Damiel S.
High Quality, Sturdy... and it Works!

I've never had a clicker or whistle when training previous (or my present) dogs but decided to give this a try when the price dropped a few weeks back. Having received and used it now, I can attest it is high quality, sturdy, and works... even on a five-year-old dog. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! I wish I had purchased this a long time ago!

Lester H.
Working clicker and whistle

Works as a whistle and a clicker as described. My dog was definitely intrigued by the clicking but didn’t really respond to the whistling (though, that may just be him). It’s small and easy to bring around for all your training needs.

Adrian D.
. Train your dog! You'll love them more.

I have been training my dogs to come on a call with the whistle outside off-leash in a small private dog park. I whistle they come and I reward them with a treat. Now all the dogs come for a treat. I feel like the pied piper. It works and great to know when they are about to go down the canyon wall I can immediately change their mind long enough to avoid the inappropriate action.

Anthony P.
welcomed surprise

I have a stubborn pit mastiff mix who "chooses" if he wants to come when called. He's especially inconsistent in distracting situations. Within 3 days he has a 100% rate of coming when called. Three short pips of the whistle and he comes running no matter what's going on around him. Thank god for these whistles. I was past the point of frustration prior to this purchase.

Gregory D.
Actually working !

I got these for my puppy and will buy more as I forget to put one on my wrist and end up somewhere without one. So far, so good though. She dead stops running and stops barking when I blow the whistle and 2 clicks mean come, and it works (most of the time...... especially if I have a cookie in my hand). Consistency is the key and remember, you are smarter than they are!

Richard P.
Powerful positive approach to training that works!

I have been using this with my dog about two months now and have seen great success in behavior change and learning new tricks. have a bit more to go, but this positive approach is more fun and rewarding

Jackson J.
Great training aid

I needed clickers for training my dogs and you can't beat the price on these. The clicker works really well and makes a very clear sound. I'm not too thrilled with the whistle. Otherwise, these seem pretty sturdy!

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