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Penelope C.
Unexpected fast results

I bought this with a different purpose in mind. Have only used it a couple of times but wow this stuff is powerful! Immediate unexpected result -my 11 lines and laugh lines gone. It is nongreasy and you feel skin tighten, even my pores diminished giving me an instant lift. At 1st the smell is not pleasant but it goes away quickly. So my bare faced skin is more radiant. I can't wait to see long term effects.

Cynthia W.
Great Company. Amazing Product!

About me: I’m a 26 year old female with hormonal breakouts, fair skin and have been looking for a preventative anti aging product that doesn’t increase my likelihood of breaking out, treats scarring and helps even skin tone.
Why you should trust my review! :) I’m an esthetician and skin care junkie - this is a great product! The smell is lovely and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like many similar products to this.
I am hesitant at times trying new products from a small business - I am very impressed thus far! Also, what made me so pleased is that my original product I purchased had a defective top; I contacted them and I had a response almost immediately and they sent me a brand new product and received it within a week! That’s how you run a business!

Lucy J.
This Stuff is Freakin' INCREDIBLE!

This stuff is so amazing, after just a couple of weeks of use I saw such a difference (and I'm 60 years old!)...honestly, I keep touching my face..it's so smooth and soft and moisturized!

But don't take my word for it...my boyfriend (hey, 60 is the new 40! :-b ) regularly tells me how much he *loves* my skin, that my skin is so great!!


Olivia C.

I purchased this product in April and have waited this long to write a review because I wanted to give it time to work. I'm 38 and suffered from constant, cystic acne. My pores clog easy and I'm very oily. I am also bi-racial and scar very easily. Since April I think I've had 3 pimples (all period-related) that went away very quickly. That's a miracle. I put this product on at night after my shower and make sure it dries well. I'm still good on the product and probably won't be reordering for another few weeks. I only use a small amount every day. I haven't been more pleased with something I bought on here or ANY store since...well never. Lastly, I did break out the first 1-2 weeks of use. I was nervous and ready to give up but it cleared up and its been smooth sailing since.

Amor P.
Great for ACNE

I am an esthetician and my clients love this product. It clears up severe cases of acne and for the money...you can't beat it.

Norberto K.

Posilka Jall dovgo. Ale packed Garno, has Decent viglade.

Emmy E.

The serum went to me for about three months. But I got it and everything is fine, I'm happy. This serum I have not yet used, but already bought and used from this series (green) and I liked it. The skin is nice, I did not have allergies. Thank you seller.

Mac O.

The order went very long, after opening and returning money, a week later I received the parcel! Serum has not yet tried, but the bottle looks beautiful

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