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Cristine N.
Not only does it work, it's affordable too!

I have used this serum for over a month now, and I was able to see some significant changes to my 25 yr old oily, acne prone skin that is susceptible to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I use this serum mainly at night because it is the perfect time for the skin to heal itself when you are sleeping. This specific combination of active ingredients work well together. I can attest to my skin tone looking more even and plumped the more I used this serum. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne continues to fade and blend more evenly into my brown skin as well. Most noticeably, the pores around my nose have shrunk in size do not trap as much oil and gunk like they used to. Going two days without this serum, I noticed how larger the pores on my nose appeared and how much oil was trapped in there when exfoliating! This serum has also helped keep my oily skin congestion free, which usually causes me to break out in very bad cystic acne along my cheeks. All in all, this serum does what it says and more, and you can't beat this price!

Roma S.
Great Stuff!

This really exceeded my expectations. I bought this based on the reviews I read. A lot of the Vitamin C serums I've tried in the past really didn't seem to do anything to my skin, or if it did, I didn't notice any improvement. After 3 weeks, I actually saw my hyperpigmentation start to fade. Since I got excited, I decided to buy yet another bottle!

Pinky S.
This is a great product at a great price!

12 stars! I was using a similar product with a slightly different formulation and for about $10 more per bottle, which was working fine but.... I saw this and liked the additional ingredients and affordable price point, and took the risk. I am SO GLAD I did! The texture and the smell are both nicer than the other product and I truly notice an even better difference in my skin. Highly recommend.

Joanna M.
Just Like Gold

Great moisturizer and I love the sparkles it leaves on the face. Sweet

Charmaine M.
It really works!

I loved the results and loved the feeling of it working. Great product! Bought two jars and may have to order again soon

Robin W.
Great product

Face feels soft and more firm after a few weeks of use. And it has a nice scent.

Dominique T.
Acne Scaring and Soft Skin

I bought this after reading it helps with acne scarring among other things. My main goal was to fade the scars to which this didn’t help much. I was using it twice daily for a few weeks and did not notice a difference is the scars, only the redness in my skin. I had smooth skin, cleared up my acne, AND the scars weee fading.

Hannah S.

Delivery was super fast, but I was supposed to be able to sign for the package and FEDEX didn’t let me!

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