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Melody P.
Works well

I am using it for a clean/dirty indicator for the dishwasher, and it works perfectly! If I ever need to put a different message on, then I can. I just don't and it does well for what I need it for though it came late

Macy E.
SuperB and so much less expensive!

This is my 2nd little board like this. The first one I had broke (where the pen attached). It was always on my fridge and my husband and I used it to write each other little notes all of the time (or shopping lists, etc.). This one is a great replacement. The writing on it shows up pretty brightly and it erases with the touch of a button. The pen is placed on top out of the way when you aren't using it. It came with an adhesive magnet to stick on the back. I've attached a video to my review, so you can see it in action. It's a nice little board -very lightweight and easy to use! :-)

Beverly C.
Portable, mess free fun on the go!

I'd seen a tablet like this at a local big box store recently, but the price was half again more expensive - more than I was willing to pay. When I thought to check amazon and saw this, I went ahead and ordered one to see how my kids would like it. I underestimated how much they'd want to play with it. They're always asking each other for a turn. It's ideal for on the go play because it's thin, lightweight, an alternative to electronics and it isn't messy. One tip, if the point of your stylus falls off like ours did, it can probably be easily popped back into place with some pressure. I'd thought it was broken and we were going to superglue it, but it popped back in, kind of like a pop bead.

Cassy G.

I saw this and I thought this would be good for homework scrap paper for my grandson. It is quick and easy. Great for drawings and doodling.

Phineas b.
Pretty neat

This is actually a pretty neat little item. The way is responds perfectly to a person's actual handwriting is pretty amazing. My only take always ate that there's absolutely no way to read the tablet without any lighting. Also, it picks up on every unintentional tap. For the price, it's an a pretty cool concept, but don't expect top of the lone quality. It gets the job done, and it serves its purpose well. Just be sure anything you want others to see is in a well lit area, otherwise it's impossible to read anything.

Kyla J.
Paperless, Thin and Fun

it's like a modern notebook. Lightweight, comes in cool different colors, it only needs 1 battery and it comes with a pen.
Imagine all the paper, notes and/or sticky notes you will save with this thing. You can use it at the office for reminders and things to do. Same for students or college students. You can make a list of errands to have to run and take it with you in your purse or just place it on your fridge for cute notes, grocery list, menu of the day and more.
It only needs a battery which comes included and it also came with a magnet. That way you can place it on the fridge or any metal surface.
What makes this tablet fun and interesting, it's the button that has on the top. You can write all you want and when you are done, just press the button and puff.. It's gone! Even my toddler finds that fun and interesting.

Nadine C.
Nice writing material

Love this product! It comes with the pen and magnet as well as battery. Easy to use and very lightweight, we use this for making list or love notes to each other! Great for kids too to keep them occupied during car rides and to make them practice writing, especially during the summer! Great to save paper too.

Virginia L.
Great product

It’s a great product. Comes with a magnet stickie you can attach to fridge. Got 2 for my kids, but I like playing with it.

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