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Marivic L.
Great lightweight gloves. The touch screen feature is great!

We recently hiked 13,000 feet to the top of a volcano. It was windy and cold. These gloves kept my hands warmer than I would have expected. The touch screen feature is great. I used it a lot to take photos on the fly using my phone. The finger and the thumb would work, which was nice. They exceeded my expectations on warmth. I would certainly buy them again.

Vico C.
Very nice gloves

The gloves are fantastic. They are perfect driving gloves for winter time. They are not snowball fight gloves but they do provide some protection from the cold. They have touch screen fingers and work perfectly.

Toni B.
Great gloves for cold weather running

These gloves are great for running in the cold. They are warm and comfortable and most importantly allow me to use my phone while I run. The only issue I have faced is that the tips of the fingers don’t always fit correctly so the gloves can take a while to get used to using on your phone's screen. It took me 10 min to get used to so it is not a deal breaker. Definitely worth it for the price

Calix G.
Keeps Winter Out, makes Biking more Pleasant

These gloves have done the job for me. I use biking gloves even in warm weather. It keeps my hand heel from getting pounded by the handlebars, and I appreciate that.
They are quite warm. You need this while biking as your hands are just hanging out there in the weather. I note that they are "running" gloves, and I'm sure that works too, but they're heavy enough and the silicon stripes provide padding which suits it to biking. The material is double layered somehow and that provides warmth without feeling bulky and cumbersome.
They are elastic of some type and fit snugly, but I feel that is by design. And I do have large-ish hands
I don't really use them while using a touchscreen, but seem to work ok. Can't say much beyond that.
I would recommend these for biking or running. I think their fit and value is good.

Princess Q.
Comfortable fit, worked great with touching Iphone during run

Comfortable fit, worked great with touching Iphone during run. Ran in 28 degree Fahrenheit weather, and would have liked my fingers to be warmer. Tried again at 40 degrees, and the gloves worked fine. Additionally, I would like to add that the Finger 10 has great customer service and is very responsive.

Durrel F.
Nimble, stretchy

Impressed with how warm and nimble these gloves are. Fingers stayed toasty biking in 40 degree weather. I ordered large hands that are 8 inches looped around the widest part of the knuckle, but maybe I should have gone for medium as they are very stretchy.

Sede T.
Keep hands and breath well.

Male with average size hands and ordered the large size. Fit is good. Inside is fleece like. Use them for early morning running. Keep my hands warm and dry down to 30 degrees and shield out winds. Touch screen option works OK on my phone but difficult to use on my watch as the surface area of the watch is pretty small. Would buy another pair.

Diane W.
work really well on iPhone and Garmin watch, not for really cold temperatures

I use these gloves for running. They work very well on iPhone and ipod touch screens. This seems to be not a given, as the Nike touch screen gloves do not work for me. The drawback of the touchscreen feature is a relatively low insulation. My finger tips become cold/numb after about 30 min when running in 32 degF / 0 degC weather for about 30 min.

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