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Jayson T.
It really does work!

All I can is, WOW! This little bike chain cleaner really cleans our road bike chains, effortlessly! I was skeptical when my wife wanted to purchase this chain cleaner, but I'm glad she did. I thought the bristles would gunk up, but they didn't when we cleaned my road bike chain.
We added Simple Green, placed my chain in the chain cleaner, grabbed my pedal and rotated my chain several times through the bike chain cleaner. Wow! My chain cleaned up beautifully! No more getting my hands greasy and trying to clean my chain with loose rags and getting them wrapped up in my chain and chain cassette!
Get this little chain cleaner. You will be so happy you did!

Ryan A.
Handy kit for the price

I bought this for a bicycle. I expected the chain brush to be too big and it is. I read other reviews. However for the price it’s a good little kit. The other brushes are quite handy. The cleaning cloth is a joke. Again for the price the kit is worth it.

Kevin R.
Good Kit

The brushes are quality and really help you get into and your bicycle and keep it clean and in tip top shape. The wash mitt is a bit small compared to ones you find for your car...might not fit your hand in there very well.

James M.
Very functional for bicycle chain and cog cleaning

I have a bike with a modern 11 speed cassette and thin chain, and I have a vintage bike with a 5 speed freewheel and an old style chain. These tools work great on keeping both clean. Use a little degreaser and a couple of rags and you can easily keep your drive train clean.

Brian T.
Decent tool set

Useful tools but the tool with the curved set of teeth alludes its purpose for me.

jacob t.
Useful for bicycle cleaning

My husband ordered this to clean his bike. He had used another product that used a degreaser and the chain feed through it. This worked much better! He said he was able to clean in parts of the gears that he wouldn’t have been able to without this kit.

Gian C.S.
Highly recommended

Great item, if you own a motorbike or a cycle this will help u clean your chain in detail. Great product and very sturdy which can last for years.

Jerico M.
Great brush & tool kit

Great price for the kit. Both brushes & tools are quality. Use on bicycles or motorcycles. Buy it! Use it! It’s worth it!

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Enervetic Bike Cleaning Brush Kit | 2pcs Bike Chain Cleaner