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Janno H.

I never thought these chain cleaners were worth a damn, but boy am I wrong! Absolutely shines up a filthy chain! I used to take off and scrub by hand using a toothbrush, but this tool takes a lot of the hard work out! Just run your chain through for about 30 seconds and it magically comes clean! I would recommend using a chain keeper, otherwise the dirty degreaser and gunk can get all over the back of your bike, and possibly into the hubs, so I use the chain keeper to avoid that possibility. Very surprised and happy with the results using this! Oh, I use Simple Green as the degreaser, seems to work the best. You can get a gallon jug of it at Home Depot for like $8.

Van H.M.
Your chain will be clean, and you will not be covered in grime.

The plastic model doesn't last forever, but once you get the hang of using the CM-5.2, you'll pretty much be spoiled for any other cleaning system. I had an earlier model, and there was a design flaw with the metal retaining clips, leading to breakage of the case closure. The new version seems to have addressed this problem. I use Dawn triple-strength degreaser and get really nice results in just a matter of minutes. Plus, as another reviewer noted, the cleaning system is totally enclosed, so you don't end up splattered with grease. For the money, I think it's a great tool, and now that I know how to use it effectively, I wouldn't be without it.

Simon H.
Best performing chain cleaner out there

This is actually the third unit I have bought. Coupled with a proper citrus cleaner, this will clean the inside and outside of your chain, and make it sufficiently squeaky clean that you can use a quality dry Teflon lube on your chain. Now, here is the thing. It gets a five on performance. The one thing I don't like about it is that it has durability issues. The pin bosses for the clamping springs are way undersized, and prone to breakage. I mean, to be fair, my first one lasted maybe ten years, the second one about as long. Still, it's ten times better than a rag and solvent, or pulling the chain and doing the toothbrush in solvent. Be warned though, it is messy. Put cardboard under your chain and expect to go through some shop towels.

John B.
The tool to keep your chain sparkly new like a pro with so little effort

Wow wow wow this tool does an amazing job at making your chain sparkling brand-new fast easy and fun to use it for sure will make me keep my chain cleaner it's not messy it's just amazing how well it works

Vincent B.
Works Well.

Works well enough. I had a Pedro‘s Chain Pig before this. Worked on the same principle as this one and about as well, but plastic tabs, etc. broke off, rendering it useless after a couple of years. I like the long handle, which the Pig did not have. I have yet to meet a chain cleaner that is perfect. But for those of us with little riding time as it is, it’s as good, if not better, then any.

Mariano B.
Worth every cent and more.

I envisioned something like this 35 years ago when I used to ride way more. Recently bought myself a nice bike as a retirement gift to myself and the computer says I now have 350 miles on it. I saw this in one of the websites and figured how could I go wrong for $10? I just used it for the first time. Would have been worth it at twice the price. I used an orange citrus cleaner in it. Worked really well. Shows no signs of wear. It's kind of delicate though so I need to handle it carefully. But with careful handling I expect to get a couple years of use out of. And they sell replacement parts so I love this thing.

Jarred G.
Works great and keeps hands/floor from getting dirty

I've only used it a few times. And as a novice at bike maintenance as well as an expert in laziness (or efficiency), I wanted to get a tool where I wouldn't have to get my hands dirty or the ground and could do it in a fast efficient manner. This tool has satisfied my criteria! As I have read in a few other reviews, I use Simple Green degreaser from a local home improvement store, and then to lube I got some bicycle brand lube. Makes cleaning your chain fun as it looks like a car-wash when the chain goes through the device.

Ken R.
A Bike Riders Must Have

This machine works great! I use a mixture of simple green & water 50/50. The only problem is that if you don't have a bicycle work stand you will need someone to hold the bike for you but I expected that. Be sure to keep an eye on brush's when the unit is open as they can fall out of their place but they're supposed to be. Cleaning up is a breeze. I use an old peanut butter jar for the dirty solution and I rinse with hot water in the laundry room wash tub. Really an excellent unit to have!

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