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Robert B.
If you play your chain get dirty and gritty and stay that way

I've learned over many years of cycling that keeping your chain clean is probably the single most important aspect of bicycle maintenance.
If you play your chain get dirty and gritty and stay that way, it wears out your front chain rings, the rear sprocket, and can result in a very expensive maintenance issue - if you break your chain, the new chain may not fit the worn sprocket and chain rings, and how you have to replace everything.

This cleaner, and the accompanying brushes, do an excellent job on your chain and sprocket. I like the fact that the fluid reservoir in the cleaner is quite small, enabling you to use a minimal amount of solvent to get the job done.

Herbert M.
Makes chain cleaning a breeze! Highly recommended

Very useful. It's nice to not have to take the chain off to clean it. I used this chain cleaner plus diluted Simple Green Crystal Industrial formula to clean my bike chain. I am impressed by how much dirt and grime came off by running the chain through this cleaner. Before choosing this chain cleaner, I looked at several others, specifically the chain cleaning machines sold by Finish Line, Park Tool, and a generic Chinese manufacturer. This chain cleaning tool was considerably cheaper than the Finish Line and Park Tool versions and included a separate brush and derailer pick. Based on looking at the chain cleaners, this one appears to offer more comprehensive cleaning (brushes from more angles) than the Finish Line chain cleaner and seems roughly comparable to the Park Tool chain cleaner. The generic chain cleaner from the Chinese manufacturer was somewhat cheaper (~$10 less) but I chose to go with this because I wasn't sure about the quality of the generic chain cleaner. I would buy this chain cleaner again.

Frederick P.
Very good product

This tool is really good to embed degreaser on the chain and gears of the bicycle. It does however have some drawbacks as I will explain, but first let's start with the good points. This product does what it is intended to do, it distributes the cleaning agent of choice to the chain and gears of the bike. It is as simple as it looks, just open the top, add degreaser, position in the chain and spin the pedals a few times and you are ready to go. It soaks the chain thoroughly so cleaning becomes much more efficient than using sponges/brushes. An annoying problem I encountered is that it does not fit comfortably every single bike.This was a perfect tool for my road bike and it made cleaning it a pleasure, however my fixed-gear commuting bike did not have clearance for the pedal and it kept hitting the tool as I was spinning the pedal. This made me shake the tool quite a bit and spill the cleaning product with grease to the floor. Also it takes some strength to keep it from moving with the chain, so you have to be careful when you clean the chain.

A RECOMMENDATION: if you are to use this product: have a bike stand so you can clean with your bike upright. This tool does embed quite a lot of degreaser on the chain and it drips to the floor. If you place your bike on your seat and handlebar (wheels up) you might end up with a very dirty seat and you will walk with black pants after seating on the saddle.

Works very well, soaks and scrubs chain really deeply
Very easy to clean after each use
Plastic parts seem sturdy enough for the job

It has no liquid level indicator, so be careful not to put too much and make a mess
It does not fit fixed gear bicycles as well as other bikes

Keanu D.
Great tool.

It took a minute to figure out how to open but after doing it there was no problem. Follow the advice about which gear and sprocket to be makes a difference. I dropped a neodymium magnet into the deepest portion and placed another outside the unit. This made trapping and removing the metal filings a snap. I used mineral spirits in the unit but any degreaser would work. The tool does a great job on the chain.
I ran it through once, cleaned the cassette with the included brush, changed the fluid, then repeated the process. The chain was gleaming and had no grit on it.
The tool seems to be sturdily built, is easy to attach and hold, and does a great job cleaning the chain.

Kurt A.
Works well

I wanted to wait to get a few washes out of this thing before writing a review. So far, I have used it five times, and it is still brand new. I use simple green in it, and my chain comes out looking like brand new every time. The included brush is also very helpful for cleaning between the gears on both the front and back. The only reason I give four stars instead of five is because of all the parts you have to take out and put back together every time you rinse it, and also because there is no fill line for the degreaser. Those are minor inconveniences though, considering the nice price and how well it works.

Karl C.
works great!

At first I thought it was a dinky item. But it seems to be working quite well. I like the hardened plastic in the class that closes the unit. The handle also acts as an excellent way to keep the unit together. The bristles are soft enough to brush your teeth with but get the job done. Unit Wheels and parts are made of plastic and not metal which works fine in that these parts will not rust with the solvents that could be used. The only issue I have is the soft plastic brushes which would be nice if they were wire brushes however my chain is pretty corroded and may not have gotten so bad had I not used this product to keep my chain together in the first place I would definitely buy it again.

John R.
It's well constructed and easy to use

It cleans my bike's chain significantly quicker and more thoroughly than doing with a rag and a toothbrush. It's well constructed and easy to use. I actually liked that all the gears/brushes inside come out so I can thoroughly clean the tool. The tool is not spill proof as the entrance and the exit for the chain will spill liquids if overfilled or tilted one side. However, that also allows me to easily empty the dirty cleaner before pouring more degreaser or water in. It did get stuck a couple times and seems a bit sensitive to the angle I'm holding the cleaner, but after a few trial and error, it was working fine. For a half the cost of the park tool cleaner, I'm happy with the construction and the performance of this tool.

Andrew A.
works great and at less than half the price of some ...

works great and at less than half the price of some other blue colored competitors. My chain was pretty nasty after riding near the coast when I forgot to wash it off it formed a little rust. Ran it through the cleaning tool and it looks almost new again. Its easy to clean out when you are done and the bonus brush and scraper for the cogs work great too.

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