Cifull Hair Styling Mattifying Powder for Men & Women│10g



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Marivic L.
Love! Where has this been all my life!

Instant full-body lift! I have fair thin hair and just a sprinkle gave my hair volume. No odor doesn't make my hair sticky. Can use for a bit of lift or full big hair look!

Vico C.
Fantastic if you know how to use

Wow - this stuff is amazing. Even when I'm doing my hair "straight", I can give it a little volume at the crown so that it doesn't sit flat on my head, which will happen if I use no product as the weight of my long lob can weigh it down. A little goes a LOOOONG way. No need to make your hair feel gross and weird. If it does, then you're using too much.

Elsa R.
Very good product

One tiny Shake of the stuff gives me Crown volume four days only wash my hair about twice a week and it's great because on those in-between days not only does it give you volume it kind of soaks up the oil so if your hair is starting to be a little oily cuz you haven't washed it in a couple of days it eliminates that to absolutely worth the money on far better than all these other pricier name brand you know items that they might come in a pretty or bottle but they don't work as well I can guarantee it.

Claudia G.

This is some magic powder right here. It. The perfect thing to use when you have but oily and thin hair. It's been 5 days since I washed my hair and it still looks as awesome as it did the first day!! At this point, any other dry shampoo/matti dying powder would've made my hair look awful and flat. And it's AMAZING at volumizing my hair. I wear hair extensions and this stuff really helps hide it and keep the clips from slipping off.

Marvin M.
This stuff is magic!

I have thin hair that falls flat all the time. Got this and apply it at the crown and back/top ~ holy cow! Does it make a HUGE difference! Other reviewers’ suggestions of scratching nails/rubbing the scalp later in the day for a little lift works perfectly. Yes, this makes it feel a bit dirty but SO worth it. I just take care to wash it out in the shower so there’s no crazy build up.

Toni B.
Holds the volume

Love this stuff! My hair is thinning so I need something to give me a little volume and hold it. This stuff does just that...makes it look like I have more hair than I actually do.

Calix G.
Love this. I didn’t believe in any way

Love this. I didn’t believe in any way, shape, or form that this product would work, but it does! So easy to use, and no more rat combing your hair, so lots less damage to your hair. Definitely buying more to stock up on it.

Princess Q.
Miracle in a Jar

If your hair is thin and flat, this is the product for you. A little sprinkle at the root base, ruffled in with my fingers and my hair suddenly becomes controllable and has loads of lasting volume. It lasts until you wash it out. I highly recommend taking a piece of tape and covering up half/three-quarters of the holes in the top of the container. It only takes a little sprinkling and with all the holes provided, you will end up using too much.

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Cifull Hair Styling Mattifying Powder for Men & Women│10g