Earboost Bass Sound Earphones in-Ear Sport Headset with Mic for Mobile, MP3, 3.5mm interface devices

Color: Silver


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Colbert S.
Great in my open office environment

So I work in one of those open offices. Which if you have ever had the experience can be incredibly loud so I got the noise canceling earphones mostly to drowned out the sound of my coworkers. Not that I don’t love hearing every detail of everyone’s life but I really do need to focus to get the job done! LOL these headphones are great to do just that. They cut the external noise they give me good quality sound and I don’t have to crank up the volume in my ears because the noise canceling effects helps to lessen the outside world

Art W.
Great set of earbuds.

Bought these for my wife who is very petite and therefore have very small ears. With all of the different sized ear pieces they fit her perfectly. The sound quality is very good with great base boost.

Dave L.
Finally, Quality Earbuds At A Reasonable Price!

It absolutely galls me that some companies have the nerve to charge ridiculous prices for a product that costs so little to produce. These produce great sound, better than any other earbud I have ever used.

Jayson T.
Really loud. Well made.

The (potentially) loudest earbuds I've ever owned. So be careful and probably not for a young child.
The other reviews said they had a lot of bass. Compared to a stock set of iPhone, wired earbuds, this just isn't the case. So it all depends on what you're looking for.
Good materials. Considering I normally go through about one pair of other brands a month I really expect these to last and that alone really matters to me.

James M.
Quite good for the price

I am usually a $40 ear bud guy, using the wooden ones from Symphonized. These, at half the price, are almost as good. Not quite the same amount of bass, but it's there and it's nicely sculpted. These are a bit crisper, more focused on mids and highs but quite pleasant everyday earbuds.

Julius W.
Buy These Now! Your Search Is Over!

Love these earphones..sound is cystal clear with thumping bass. I have tons of headphones, but these became my daily driver as soon as I put them in my ears!! This is simply a very good buy for the money, they are much better than all the sub $100 earbuds i have heard. These are a must buy!

Brian T.

I took a chance on a more expensive pair of earbuds because I was tired of buying a new pair of cheapos every two weeks. Usually one or both would become inoperative in short order. These have lasted and continue to perform well. I don't notice any "noise cancellation." I can still hear the world about me fine.

Ryan A.
Works great for the price.

good especially for the price. Noise cancellation isn’t really a factor. Basically just plugs your ears. Solid headset and a great bargain for the price. Would definitely buy it again

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Earboost Bass Sound Earphones in-Ear Sport Headset with Mic for Mobile, MP3, 3.5mm interface devices