Easymode Wireless Car Charger & Phone Holder with Infrared Sensor | Automatic Clamping | Fast Charging

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Billy W.
Awesome phone accessory!!!!

I bought a iPhone pro max and found that when I’m driving I had trouble finding a place to put my phone. It was to large to place in the cup holder like I did with all my other phones. I’ve bought the magnetic holders that go on your air vent and those always suck. Installing this one in my car was easy, it fit snugly in the cup holder, and it was in the perfect spot to connect to power. It holds my phone securely, I can adjust my phone in any position I want. Not to mention how cool it opens up automatically and closes automatically, plus it charges my phone and that wasn’t a feature I was looking for, but definitely a plus. I would recommend this phone holder and charger to anyone.

Jeffrey B.
Works better than I expected! Not bad

I’ve seen this charger on Instagram before and usually items like that are overhyped but this one is an exception! I was worried that my 2013 F-150 even thou it has a USB port is not 3.0 or Quick Charge either but still used it to power on the charger and after a quick trip to the airport my phone had 63% when i left and had 83% when i got back even using the bluetooth with my truck to listen to music, stored songs thou not YouTube or any app, got 20% charge in 55 mins and even using that USB port as the power supply! The only cons i could find were:

**The round piece you turn to tighten the little legs inside your cupholder, even when tightened, the round piece stays loose and wiggles if you go over bumps and makes noise.
** This con is a 50/50 for me. The sensor in front that it’s supposed to open the arms as you are about to place the phone doesn’t work well or at all, at least mines doesn’t. But the part that doesn’t bother me is that i don’t mind using the rear sensor up top.

Other than that this is a great charger for the price and exactly what i was looking for since most wireless chargers that use the AC vents don’t support my type. As for built quality, i like it. Only time will tell now!

Genesis S.
Just what I want

This wireless car charger is really cost-effective.Its shape and shape are also my favorite It can provide me with cool interior decoration.My friend also said she was very beautiful,I believe I will buy it again

Frederick P.
Heads up!

It's a very intuitive product which doesn't need much explanation. First thing you should have your head up is about which kind of car vent this one can be put on to because if you don't check it out first you're gonna have a bad time. There's this 10w power which is good enough for some devices, excellent for others but sucky for the rest so this is also a highlight to be noted. Changing topic I placed on my car since day one and it's been working good even when I hit a bump in the road or something it stay as sturdy as it can be and the phone never gets loose. I use this Moto E4 Plus as my GPS on my cart and it works and holds charge like a charm thanks to this.

Roselyn R.
Works good But...

The charger works great, the cupholder is great, won't hold the iPhone 8 with a Mophie case on it....
I am keeping the charger for the cup holder, my daughter will use the actual charger with the vent mount, The charger will charge a mophie case and it charges the iPhone 8 and an iphone X just fine but its not deep enough to hold the iPhone 8 with the mophie on it. I suspected that when I bought it so I also purchased Zee-Hoo brand which does hold the phone with the mophie on it. I used the Zee-Hoo with the cup holder from this charger and all is well. If you don't have a thick case on your phone this charger is great.

Andrew A.
Very convenient

I am using this charger more than two weeks. It is convenient and very simple to use. I tried it with two different phones Pixel 4XL and Samsung 9+ covered by different cases. Both of them were charged during the same time. Also I compared required time for 25% charging of Samsung 9+ with original Samsung wireless charger and got ~20% shorter times for 10W Qi Fast Charger. I can recommend this charger to my friends.

Carol D.
Classy looking and works great!!!

Love this!! Looks incredible and works awesome too!! Had one shipped and the screen was cracked. Contacted Amazon to replace and the new one arrived in perfect condition the same day I took the broken one back to the UPS store!! Wow very impressed!! Will definately recommend!!!

Ivy G.
Great product

Works great, looks great and pretty sturdy.

Only issue I have is it turns off the power when phone is charged. Leave it there it will lose battery without restarting to charge unless you unplug it or take the phone out and put it back.

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Easymode Wireless Car Charger & Phone Holder with Infrared Sensor | Automatic Clamping | Fast Charging