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Genevieve A.
They’re excercise bands. Here’s what I think of them...

So far so good. Bought these for the family to get better strength of targeted muscle groups (rotator cuff, et al). So far they’ve worked well.

I read a lot of reviews that complained about everything from breaks to having the bands roll while using. Yes, they will eventually break. Take care of them and use them often. And yes, they will roll if you apply too much lateral pressure.

I’ve owned other bands before (physical therapy issued). These are a lot smaller, so they certainly don’t do what the “real” ones do. However, for what I bought them for, they’re fine. If they break, I may buy them again.

Rosalie J.

When I decided to order the loop bands it was overwhelming because there are just so many options. So I went to my trainer and asked her what brand she uses. I know for certain that these are good because they are passed around in our HIIT classes. Weeks and weeks of use my folks of all different abilities and sizes. I have only used the black and the red but they didn't roll up. Sometimes it happens but so far not yet. I would not hesitate to purchase these again!

Beverly C.
Love them

Absolutely love them so far. Super transportable, small bag, lightweight, and multi strengths. Use them at work or for quick lazy workouts before bed or in the morning. It comes with an easy to read pamphlet on exersises and useful tips. My only con is that the bands are latex and you definitely smell it and feel it. Wear protective clothing so it doesn't pull on hair or skin. It does mention in the pamphlet that the bands are latex so if you have an ALLERGY...

Katie S.
Great bands to help exercising.

I bought these on a lightening deal thinking it might just work with my bad back. The same week they came I found out I was pre-diabetic. At first my doctor wanted me on medication and I said nope I will try diet and exercise. Well I started using these bands at least 3-4 times a week and I could exercise even with my bad back. I have since gone back down in my sugar level and lost 6 pounds and 5 inches. I mainly used the bands while I exercised and yes I did cut my sugar in half but to me they worked. I’m really glad I received them when I did because I have given them a workout. My doctor is amazed with my progress.

Michael S.
Best exercise equipment yet!

I bought this version of the exercise bands because it was a little less expensive. This is the best exercise investment I have made! These bands are easy to use. The pamphlet shows some of the exercises that can be performed and I have been creative with a number of others. The strength of the bands varies from extra-light to extra-heavy and can be used individually or by putting two or more together to achieve just the right amount of tension. I use the pyramid method for strength training. That starts me with 8 reps the point where I can't complete more. I then had a band and go to 6 reps, and finally switch the second band to a heavier tension to complete for reps. As a result, I can perform almost all the exercises that I do at the YMCA. It's great, because I can find attention that is right for each of these exercises.

These bands seem quite durable and I see no reason why they won't last a long time. I bought a one set for the house and a second step for my truck so that when I'm out somewhere I can take a few minutes and exercise.

I probably won't win any muscleman contest but these are great at helping me keep my muscles in shape as I age.

Tracy M.
Pleased with this purchase

I saw some mixed reviews on these but decided to try them out anyways. I have only been working out in my home gym for about a month now, so I am no "body builder" but I think these exercise bands are a nice addition to use for my workouts. I don't think I will ever use the green band (comparable to 2-4 pounds) just because I am lifting heavier than that, but I can see how it may come in handy to use if someone might be doing physical therapy or maybe just starting out with weights/bands. I was a little skeptical on how much they may improve some of my exercises, but I was impressed how it added a little something extra for some okay exercises worth doing with the bands. I love the little bag to keep them in and it'll come in handy when my family goes on vacation so I can keep up with my routine and not have to use a public gym. I would definitely recommend and will repurchase again when these get old.

Edison F.
Different strength option

Changing my review from one star to a 5 star because I’m an idiot and didn’t read the descriptions. I originally gave a bad review because I tried one of the bands and there was no resistance at all. I thought all 5 bands were the same but it turns out they had reistance from extra light to extra heavy. After trying the heavier ones, the resistance was better and I was getting a better work out. I love that they have different options in the band strength so beginners can start from scratch. Note to self...learn to read descriptions better! Lol

Love L.M.
Versatile tool loved by P/Ts and Me Too

My PT's LOVE bands for everything. These bands are on the thin side so for people who are VERY strong? They might break in a few months. I'm doing not only P/T exercises with these but am finding other exercises that are very helpful. The website is good and you can just watch what other people do in the gym and add the bands for resistance.

I like that they come in a pouch that I can easily put anywhere. The website, instructions are really good.

I'm enjoying them a lot.

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