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Jeanne K.
Best curler I've ever owned, and I've had PLENTY

I have extremely straight hair, and consequently extremely straight eyelashes. Like, they-basically-point-downward-, look-half-their-length-, a-little-bit-obstruct my-vision-straight. Even on a no makeup day, I'll often still curl my lashes just because I swear to you the world seems a little brighter.

So you can imagine I've been through a lot of curlers. To look at this one, you wouldn't think it was any different from the thousands of other clamp curlers, but it feels completely different to use. It must be something about the arc of the clamp—I found one of my old curlers, and took some side-by-side comparison photos.

I have to give this seller particularly high marks because of the refill pads. First off, the ones that come with it are stiff enough to give an excellent curl right away, but not so much they make you feel like you risk ripping your lashes out if you clamp too hard—ten times better than the kind you can buy by the dozen in some (rare) places. But secondly, and more importantly to me, if you contact the seller directly THEY WILL SELL YOU THE REFILLS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY AN ENTIRELY NEW CURLER every freakin' time you use up the refill pads. In fact, they'll sometimes just give them to you for FREE. I always feel so wasteful when I can't just buy new pads to go with my still perfectly functioning clamp. Heck—big dreams here—I'd LOVE to see it as a subscription service item so I can just have them sent to me regularly.

Patricia B.
It Really Works.

OMG - my eyelashes were becoming scraggly... don't ask why. How did curly lashes start pointing downwards and inwards???? Ya.

I was a huge Shu Uemura fan when it was cool to be that...then, I went the Tweezerman way because everybody knows they have the BEST quality, right? Don't even get me started on how many different brands I got from Sephora.. ugh. They are all sitting in a drawer... not living up to their meager potential...

Forget all that and just buy this. I've been using this every day since I purchased it and it really holds a curl - EVEN WITHOUT MASCARA. I follow the instructions and curly 2-3 times through my lashes and they look permed (which will be my next plan, hehe).

It's rose gold, it works, just do it.

Nariz S.
Decent lash curler

My lash curler did not come with extra silicone pads as advertised but I didn't complain to the seller since I recently bought a janky lash curler from the drugstore that came with a few so I'm stocked anyways. I've tried a few different curlers and this is not the best but it'll do. Maybe titanium is supposed to be extremely light and feel plastic, but I'm not fond of it, I like a weighted metal curler. It's harder to press down on this curler and the handle is sort of awkward and short. I bought this because of the reviews and since my last curler popped me in the eye, yanking 3 lashes before I threw it in the garbage. I just wanted a well made, durable and quality lash curler. It seems decent, it'll do for now but it's not all I was hoping for.

Kyla J.

This is the BEST EYELASH CURLER EVER! I have been using an eyelash curler since my teenage years and at 67 yrs young I am still curling my lashes as they insist on pointing south! I have tried a lot of different brands and always hated having to spend so much when purchasing the
Shu uemura brand that lost its curling capability shortly after using each one. Even when I replaced the replacement pad it made no real difference in the end result of the curl. However I could tell from the strength in the Flexelle Eyelash curler right from the get-go that this tool had some power and I was right! Thank you for creating such a fine cosmetic tool. Your pricing is also fabulous. 💖

Krista M.
Nice product, good design

Much like other users of this product, I like it! I don't have particularly large eyes or super long lashes. Still, this curler works just fine for me. The rubberized pads seem gentle on my lashes as well. That said, I am happy with the results, and I plan to continue using this lash curler.

In regards to the metal portion/mechanical design ~ this seems sturdy and of quality materials.

I will add, the company offers free pad replacements. This is wonderful! However, I would use the lash curler regardless. In other words, I'd be fine with paying for the replacement pads and purchasing them in bulk.

Lastly, I do update my reviews when necessary. If anything changes, I will reflect this here. :)

Ivory C.
A company that stands by its product

This is a beautiful eyelash curler. The quality of the materials is clearly superior to ones I've owned in the past. The lovely bag that comes with the curler is a nice bonus. I reached out to the company to share feedback that I struggled a bit to get close to the lash line and they responded within hours standing by their money back guarantee and offering a refund if I wanted one. I wonder if I am a bit too used to my old curler and simply need to practice a bit more to get really close to my eye. On the flip-side, I will say that this curler does not pinch! I've had ones pinch my eye and even pull out lashes. I can say you stand a very good chance of being happy with this product and you can rest assured that the company will stand by its product no matter what.

Ivy G.
Amazing customer service, not so great curler

Although this curler did not work for me, I am giving their customer service five stars. The curler itself did not curl my lashes. For some background, I have straight Asian hair/lashes. This curler just did not work as well as my other curler (Shiseido). I do feel that the shape of this curler fit my eye well but it just would not curl my lashes. When I try to "pump" the curler, there's no springy-ness to the pump action. I returned the curler and immediately got a refund with no questions asked; very responsive customer service.

April W.
Best eyelash curler thus far

I have been looking for an eyelash curler for a while now that could replace an old eyelash one I had for years. I had bought about 5 or 6 eyelash curlers only to be disappointed. I even bought the branded one hoping they'd act the same as their predecessor but was sadly disappointed. I read the reviews of this product and decided to go for it. First off, it arrived earlier so that made me extremely happy. Secondly, the presentation made me feel like I paid a lot more. I loved the small pouch it came in. And lastly, it is definitely the best eyelash curler I've had. It is a beauty I just have.

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