SplashBlend USB Portable Fruit and Vegetable Blender Six-Leaf Blade

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Mark W.
I love making smoothies in this blender.Im obsessed

I live this minion blender!!!!!I use it almost every day! I throw whatever fruit I have on hand inside and let the blender do the rest. It is so easy to use; with one press of a button you can blend up your delicious breakfast in a matter of minutes! I like the fact that it’s one serving size so that you do not make too much and you won’t waste food. Cleaning is a breeze. You clean this blender as if you’re washing out a cup. It takes 60 seconds. I like to place mine right back in the box! I would say go ahead & purchase. It’s worth it!

Cristine N.
Awesome and powerful!

One of my favorite purchases!! I use it every day to make smoothies for myself and my toddler and this little thing is very powerful for the size and price. In the beginning of the week I prepare several Ziplock bags with spinach, kale and all sorts of fruits. Freeze them and in the morning I pull one bag out and put all the fruits and veggies straight into the blender. Don’t forget the liquid of choice goes in first (I use water), sprinkle some chia seeds and flax. It works so well and it’s so easy to clean! If the big frozen chunks get stuck on the blade just gently remove them with a Silicone spatula or wooden spoon. Great value !

Mae P.
Helps save space/time/produce

I love this single serve smoothie I now make the perfect amount for each of my toddler who have grown to love smoothies and it makes me happy to know they’re getting their servings of veggies and or fruit.
I used to make too much now I always make the perfect amount and it blends everything smooth with no chunks.
It’s small so it takes up no space and is easy to store and clean.
It’s held up great so far it’s been used about 10 times since purchase and there’s no complaints.
It’s very ideal for my lifestyle and family. Couldn’t be happier.

Donna C.
Awesome for Portable Smoothies Made From Home 🏡

Smaller than what I initially thought it would be and its perfect for the small space where I keep it. It has a lid with an area perfect for drinking and the cup is small enough to carry.

What I found to be the best feature is that when knocked over the cup doesn’t spill even with the opening for drinking. This helps me because I have a light colored carpet and I’m clumsy 😂

Overall it’s a great product, great blending power and simple to work.

Worth the money.

Joanna M.
Really easy

I really like this little blender. It's not super sturdy or incredibly durable, but it's very handy. I use it for morning smoothies, and it works perfect. It's not loud, and it blends great. There's not switching blades or cups. Everything is all in one which is really convenient. The price is very low, and I'm pleased with the purchase.

Roma S.
Fantastic price!

I most definitely recommend this product it's super great for the price it is a lil louder than I expected but not overly bad and it works best if you gradually mix things one then the next versus throwing all ingredients in at once I use it strictly for green smoothies as long as I do my ingredients one at a time it works just fine for especially for the low price

Pinky S.
It’s perfect

I just bought this blender for my daily morning protein shake. The most two things I liked about it is that it’s cheap and easy to clean. I mix my protein with water a few slices of banana. I blend it for one minute and boom you get a tasty shake.

Nicolas R.
Highly recommended

I needed a single serving blender that wouldn't take up limited counter space in my efficiency apartment so I can make daily protein shakes (just water and the powder). I've had too many experiences trying to mix the powder into water and it still ends up gritty with clumps, so I thought I'd look at cheap blenders that double as a travel cup. This was in my price range and I trust the brand, it fit my size specifications and doubles as a travel cup so I can blend, unlock, and drink. You close the lid to blend and open it to sip. It easily blends my powder in a few seconds. You just hold the power button to blend and release to stop. Very simple but effective.

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