Timate Electric Pulse Portable Infrared Heating Cervical Vertebra Massager for Neck & Shoulder



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Arrah G.
Pain relief

I sit in front of computers all days in my job. My neck and back get so soar at the end of day. My friend recommends me to try a massager. I bought this massager about 10 days ago. The package came fast. The size of this massager is smaller than I expected. I never had massage before. I feel pain after using this massage for the first several days. I thought about stopping using it but I continued. Now the pain is not so strong after I massaging my neck and back. The massager is every easy to use but very powerful. I do not use it massaging my neck for a long time. I bought this massager for myself. Maybe it is it a good gift. I am not so sure. So I give one star for giftable.

Marian D.
Neck Massager

I work in a rehab, lifting patients and helping elderly, doing things at home as a single mom, my neck was always hurting with pain and I always wanted to have a massage-buddy to massage my neck, so finally found this perfect Buddy Portable Neck massager with heat setting to soothe my pain and ease my neck muscles. I can carry it with me like a headphone. And can use it in my break room.
This massager is very helpful and not to mention very relaxing.
I would definitely recommend to all.

Jolie L.
It’s great !!!

It’s a great intelligent neck massage. I usually use it before I go to bed to relax my neck. My friends also tried it and liked it very much. She also wanted to buy it lol. There are several modes I can choose and also has the heat mode which is amazing! BTW, before using it, please remember to use wet towel to moisten your neck!! It’s important!! Recommend it.

Melissa R.
Amazing massager !!!!

I was hesitant to buy this massager at first because I have not had any luck with the massage equipment at home. This massager is so amazing at targets the nights on your neck and your shoulders. It is also so soothing on the lower back and Buttocks Area. I have it set in my living room and everybody that comes over and uses it and loves it so much. It works great for headaches neck tension and so on. After two months of buying this I cannot imagine my life without it anymore. This has saved my money to the Spa add to the chiropractor. I believe

Aurora S.
Good for massaging all over

I’ve been using this multiple times a week for a month and a half. I think that most personal massagers are crap, but this is an exception. I use it all over my body—hips, butt, calves, hamstrings, feet, neck, back—which is super easy to do with how it’s shaped. You can pull on the handles to position it and give yourself a deeper massage. I would recommend buying this if you’re sore pretty often.

Toni B.
this product works!

Well, I bought this device, thinking to give a try. Well, it works very well. I can feel the electric field doing his job on the back of the neck. Buy it if you have a tinny neck and would do the job. I use it when I get a light headache, and the device would work the magic. It is very relaxing, and you can adjust the intensity (there are three intensity levels). You also have to make sure the contact between your neck and the magnets are well made to be able to feel the work.

Calix G.

I bought this product 1 weeks ago, after using it for one week, I highly recommend this to others. This product can help me recover the exhaustion, especially after I went back from the gym and before sleep. also, it has many models for massage, you can pick up the one that you feel comfortable

Princess Q.
Useful Neck Massager

It will run for 15 minutes and automatically turn off. It can run around 10 times with fomentation after fully charge. The controller has no LED display, I do not know the mode and strength. But it will peep twice after it reaches the max 15 strengths so that I can know. Each time I use the default mode just adjust the strength because it will not record my last choice. It is a little bit tight for me, on the other hand it contacts well. As software engineer, my neck is not well. This helps me a lot and feel really relax after using it.

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