Diuns Powerful Sonic Cleaning Electric Toothbrush with Built-in Auto-Timerā”‚Rechargeable & Waterproof

Color: Black


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Kendra K.
Best Money Spent!

Absolutely obsessed! I got one for my husband and my brother and they also love it! It has multiple settings and it has a timer for brushing your teeth. It comes with the cable for charging and 3 replacements. Got the colors pink, white and black.

Elsa R.
Great toothbrush!

loved that thing.. I didnā€™t want to throw down the money for another one quite yet so this was my "in-between/get me through quarantine" toothbrush and I ended up loving it! Great toothbrush and you canā€™t beat the price!

Claudia G.
Great toothbrush for kids!

My daughter bought this toothbrush with her birthday money. She loves it! She loves all of the attachments and different modes. The first day she got it, she brushed her teeth 4 times. This is a huge mommy win! Anything to get a kid excited about brushing their teeth is a deal to me!

Marivic L.
Very pleased with purchase

I love it! I've tried electric toothbrushes in the past and was not satisfied; battery life was short, powerless, did not feel clean after brushing. This toothbrush is the opposite of all that. The battery lasts days, my teeth feel cleaner than they ever have, I love all of the different modes available, and delivery was fast.

Diane W.
Happy with my purchase

First the price on this you cannot beat. What I like is charging it I do not have a bulky charger on my counter that is a plus. It is sleek in design and the battery life lasts. Mine stayed charged for 30 days at least and I brush twice a day during the week and three times a day on the weekend. Very happy with my purchase.

Marian D.
Easy to use and small enough for a little one

I bought this for my daughter who is 6. She wanted a sonic toothbrush. It comes with additional heads and is small enough for her to use. Recommend for a youngster! She loves it!

Gabby B.

Excellent sonic toothbrush!!! I bought 4 just because they were cheap but these things are amazing!! Battery life is...well am not sure because it hasnā€™t gone dead yet!! Highly recommended!!

Chad j.
Great Toothbrush!

This toothbrush is cheap but works great I love it. bought one for me and my daughter and she likes it a lot. she wanted a 70 dollar electric one and I wasnā€™t paying that much for a toothbrush so I tried this one and love it!

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Diuns Powerful Sonic Cleaning Electric Toothbrush with Built-in Auto-Timerā”‚Rechargeable & Waterproof