Azure 4-Pack ECO-friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable & Washable Coffee Mesh Nappies

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Heidi S.
Great produce for first time cloth diapering

I was super excited when these arrived!! Considering how expensive diapers are and trying to be environmentally conscious with having two little ones in diapers I figured I'd give cloth diapers a try! These arrived earlier in the week and I washed them and hung dry them. I'm having my 17 month old try them out first, they look adorable. The fit is a bit trial and error to make sure there not to snug absorption is great if you use the thicker liners. Only downfall is I wish there was a snap so the liner would stay in place better versus sliding down and balling up in the center of the diaper. My one recommendation is even though they say not to was everyday so the material won't wear, have two separate pails one for the liner and one for the diaper so the diaper doesn't absorb the heavy pee smell

Donna C.
Great quality diaper for the price!

Got these brand new cloth diapers after growing out of newborn cloth diapers. I have been super happy with how these have maintained softness even after several washings. (We have second hand cloth diapers that are crusty to the touch but still absorb well enough.) The snaps are super easy for size adjustment and putting the diaper on is easy as well. Cleaning is the only downside really-as I’m not sure what cleaning detergent to use beyond baking soda and vinegar. The manufacturer instructions urge for warm-not hot water-so as to not melt the outer shell. I haven’t had any problems with this and use a warm-cold wash cycle after a good soak. Also these designs are super cute- I want to get more just for the design but we have enough for right now.

Karla G.
Wish I had bought these originally!

I WISH when I had started cloth diapering I had just bought 3 or 4 of these and then bought nothing else. I ended up buying kind of a random selection of cheapies and it's fine but these are definitely the best for the money in terms of the quality of the pocket diapers. These have great buttons, the fabric on the inside is a lot softer, and the outside material seems more resilient than the other cheap ones I bought. Buying 3 or 4 of these would have ended up costing the same amount of $ I ended up spending on cheap diapers plus nice liners (since the cheap ones come with crap liners for the most part). 24 is a pretty optimum amount of cloth diapers if you are like us and going through 6 a day, with one disposable at night, that way you only really need to wash on day 3 or 4 depending on if your line is drying.They are just great thick liners! I have also found since I started cloth diapering, for stains, a quick soak in a bucket of oxiclean with warm water is pretty much magic, just swish the diaper around there for a second then rinse it off with warm water. Putting a rectangular fleece liner on the inside to catch solids has been useful too in keeping the diaper stain free.

Mae P.
Great buy!

For anyone looking to try out cloth diapers without going broke, these are the way to go! They are high quality without the incredibly high price. We really didn't need to get a whole lot of them as I'm a stay at home mom and can wash as I go. These have yet to give me any issues and no leaks so far! Only thing is to make sure to change them every 2-3 hours because the cloth diapers don't wick away the dampness like disposable ones. We want to keep their little bottoms from getting any irritation from prolonged exposure to moisture. They are easily adjustable and can find a way to video rather quickly on YouTube to avoid any confusion.

Rose H.
Good starter set

We've been using these diapers for a couple of weeks now. They were among the first sets that we purchased when we transitioned to cloth diapering. So far we have no complaints. They get washed every other day and hung up to air dry. As other reviewers stated, the included inserts are pretty useless. Microfiber is prone to compression leaks and in my experience is not able to hold up more than a couple of hours. If you must use them, pair them with another type of insert or even fold it inside a prefold where it will be much more useful. The prints in the set we ordered were fun. I'd say 2 were pretty girly and the other 4 more gender neutral which was fine by us. The bonus wipes were a nice addition and get used pretty regularly as well. All in all a good set to try if you are new to cloth diapering and don't have a lot of money to get started.

Mark W.
Great pocket diapers

Love these pocket diapers. I have at least one of every kind of diapering system there is. Although my favorite is prefolds and covers, pockets are my second. For pockets, I own branded ones, and these....and they are my favorite. They are on the bigger side though. My boy is 5 months, 17.5lbs and is still in the smallest setting. It does pill after a few washes, but it doesn’t bother me or affect the absorbency. Another downside, is there aren’t many prints. I also don’t like the “boy print” option...because it doesn’t look like it’s for boys. I purchased the “neural” which looks more “boyish”. The colors are vibrant and don’t fade with washing.

Cristine N.
She's 2-months now and they fit perfect with the adjustable snaps at the waist

I got the girl prints for my little girl. She's 2-months now and they fit perfect with the adjustable snaps at the waist. The inside lining for the outer shell is polyester in case some mommies are wondering. It's soft and thick and can absorb quite an amount of liquid. I tested it. The shell outer lining is waterproof or some sort so no leakage of course if the diaper is changed within a decent amount of time. No baby should be using a wet diaper for long anyways. I can see us using these diapers for a long time. The quality is good and workmanship is neat. I think this would be great for potty training as well. Not part of this diaper post but I also wanted to mention that I've purchased the bamboo nursing pads from them and they're great. I got 2 sets 2-weeks worth because it's that good of a product and it also comes with a cute wet bag. Love how they throw in a little gift! I definitely recommend their products. I trust it at least.

Joanna M.
No leaks on these diapers!!

We love these diapers!!! Of all the pocket diapers we have, these are pretty much the least likely to leak. The wet bag is about the perfect size for daycare. We bought the neutral patterns first and liked them so much that we bought the girl patterns as well! I wish they had more patterns.The prints were so cute and adorable. Nevertheless, these are a great value, absorbent, and easy to care for. I wouldn't mind having an entire stash of these. They are very similar to known diaper brands.

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Azure 4-Pack ECO-friendly Cloth Diaper, Adjustable & Washable Coffee Mesh Nappies