Threadles Metallic Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads

Color: Gold


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Claudia G.
Brilliant colors and durability

The colors were really nice. Overall performance perfect. The thread was durable and did not break or shred. I loved how it looked on the towels I did. I will definitely purchase it again.

Donna C.
Stronger than expected. Works well with regular sewing machine

Surprisingly strong. Much more so than I had expected. Even though I use a regular sewing machine, not a serger, it has not caused me any trouble with breaking, or lint, or getting tangled. The only issue is that it is far too large for the spindle on top of my machine, so I've just put it in a large glass jar that I placed behind the machine, and the thread twirls smoothly out of there, and then is threaded all the way through the machine like usual. And it looks lovely when sewn.

Cristine N.
Ensure your success with Metallic threads!

This is a great thread for those who know how to use metallic. First - use a size 14 top-stitching needle, second - lower your tension, third -lower your speed, 4th - use a thread stand, 5th - use netting around your spools if needed. Don't criticize until you learn the ropes, a metallic thread can be tricky!

Joanna M.
Great value. These are giant spools

Great value. These are giant spools! the thread is beautiful. I did have a little problem keeping it from not twisting together when feeding. I purchased a feeder stand for use with a large spool and it helped. Also, I take note when doing large areas and may re-thread halfway through to un-twist the thread. Compare to Coat's metallic thread, it is slightly thinner, but I think that actually works better for embroidery. I think these are lifetime supply of gold and silver I will ever need, simply cannot beat the value.

Roma S.
Quality Thread

I am actually using this for regular sewing, not embroidery and it's great. It has a nice shine to it, which I like. It is a bit stiffer (but not thick) than regular thread which I love because it's much easier to thread the needle! The spool is quality as well and stands with a stable base.

Pinky S.
Love the sparkling thread. Looks great on all my projects.

Love the sparkling thread. Looks great on all my projects. The gold looks brilliant and the silver is so sparkly.
It adds class and looks great in all my designs on my embroidery machine.

Kendra K.
Beautiful Embroidery Thread

Words cannot describe just how lovely this thread is and the big spools are such a bargain. I am getting ready to make another order from this company and would recommend it to anyone who machines embroideries!!!!

Elsa R.
Worked beautifully on my Serger

Wonderful! I needed to make 50+ napkins with rolled hems. To make a little more "elegant" I chose to make rolled hems on black napkins. At first, I did have difficulty...but my fault. Once I put netting over the thread, no problems! If netting is not applied, the thread tends to fall off the spool. The ending result was just what I wanted.

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Threadles Metallic Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads