Xerobics Yoga Brick - EVA foam Block for Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Stretching

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Joseph O.
Very useful for senior exercising. Great size to assist with stretching/feet position.

I do chair yoga due to knee/balance issues as a senior & these are perfect to elevate my feet while I do those chair exercises. I also find them perfect to place on end and use to stretch while standing without the need to reach the floor. They are big enough to feel sturdy & I have no problem with a feeling I will fall over using them. Since I can't do floor yoga, these really help me greatly to get in the movements and stretching I need. A good choice and purchase. As a side note, the blue color is very lovely as well which is a nice plus. :)

Rudy F.
Great for home yoga

As someone just starting a home yoga practice, these blocks hit the sweet spot for affordability and durability. Extra points that they’re bright and match my yoga mat! I’ve used them in several Peloton yoga classes and they’ve done the job perfectly. I’m able to hold more difficult poses using these blocks. Perfect amount of give plus firmness, I think they’ll last a long time.

Beverly C.
They’re perfect, can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get them!

First blocks I’ve owned and they’re perfect. First, it’s so great to do yoga and stretches at home. I don’t know why it took me so long to get these. The size is perfect and having them has elevated my yoga practice. It makes certain poses easier to hold and be in when you use them vs. nothing. Will be getting more!

Katie S.
Great stability aid for older persons practicing yoga

I’m a 68 year old lady just getting into yoga. These blocks help me get from one position to the next effortlessly. They are sturdy and offer the best support. Just like the ones I use at my local yoga studio. Very nice addition to my home yoga practice equipment.

Louie P.
A Must for Back Pain

This is just a simple block but it stretches out the lower back and takes away lower back pain in half a minute that takes hours for Advil to reach. My buddy has a bad sciatic and I brought one of these over one day when he was all stove up. 20 minutes later, he was able to walk again and couldn't believe it. Much better than using some OTC pain killer and better for you.

Harvey L.
Essential yoga instrument!

The fun colors are a plus to this essential tool for yoga. I use it in so many poses to help me reach a little further or even to prop me up when I can’t quite get into a certain pose. Lightweight and can easily be stacked with other blocks for more support.

Jonna M.
Good Yoga Block

This has really helped me with my pregnancy yoga, and matches perfectly with the mat I purchased a couple of years ago!

The ONLY thing I would say is I wish it was a little bigger as on a couple of occasions it sort of "flipped" on me during some yoga poses as I must not have had my weight evenly distributed. But, that's likely user error! I plan on purchasing another to help out with some other programs I want to try as my pregnancy progresses.

Roxanne J.
Very lightweight, but otherwise good quality and durable

I expected sturdier, heavier blocks (like in my gym) -- but these are practically featherweight, which means they aren't good at staying in place when used for hand walking exercises. However, for their lightweight they are surprisingly durable. I've put them through some serious stress, including anchoring one end of my bench on them and even standing on the blocks placed edgewise with my feet. These bricks are still holding up and don't show any overt signs of damage.

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Xerobics Yoga Brick - EVA foam Block for Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Stretching