CHeRI Bath Body Brush Boar Bristles Exfoliating Massager with Long Wooden Handle Back Brush



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Frederick P.
High quality shower brush

I really like this shower brush. It's about 16 inches long so it can reach anywhere on my back. It feels like high-quality wood and will last a while. Bristles feel really good, not too soft but not too firm.

Jeanne K.
The Best

After reviewing comments on many skin brushes this grabbed my attention for the most positive.

I was genuinely surprised by its overall quality. Shipping was prompt and packaging has arrived in perfect condition. The soft bristles are gentle to the skin either wet or dry but still stiff enough to exfoliate. I use this in the shower for back, legs, and feet. The handle is just the correct length. I am very pleased.

Patricia B.
Best bath brush ever!

My husband and I wore out our previous bath brushes and found some others at a local big box store. We bought two different kinds, as we were uncertain which would be best. Both of them were awful. One was super, super hard and the other was the complete opposite. We threw them away and went to Ooala to see if ones like our previous ones were available. We were thrilled to see that they were, so we bought two. Of particular interest to us was that this new brush although almost identical to our other ones had in reality been improved and didn't slip easily as the first ones did. We are thrilled with these brushes. Thank you for making them even better.

Herbert M.
Works well!

Good shower brush with a long handle such that it can reach far. Good grip on the handle and the bristles are just the right texture - not too soft, not too hard.

Kyla J.
This is the best bath brush ever!

This is the 5th Dry Bath/Body Brush that I have purchased from this seller. It is the very best money can buy. We are octogenarians my husband and I. We have one of these in each bathroom. The little hanging loop is perfect to hang it up to dry. The natural bristles are perfect for exfoliating especially on legs and back. This is the perfect brush. I will use this brush and only this brush and buy more if needed.

Keanu D.
Excellent for alcohol-related sunburn care

T’was a long spring day, partying in the Florida sun, when it suddenly hit me - not only was I too drunk to throw a frisbee, but I was also the color of the interior of a perfect steak because I was an idiot and forgot to reapply sunscreen. Move forward a week and I was shedding like a local rattlesnake. With another poolside vacation approaching, I used this fine instrument to scrub where it’s difficult to reach. The bristles were strong enough to exfoliate the dead skin but also felt sadistically delightful on my pink under the skin. Now that I’m a normal shade of tan, my wife intercepted “Stick Brushly” (we named it) to wash her Fred Flintstone feet. Very durable - still looks new after several weeks of abuse.

Ivory C.
Amazing brush

I got this brush for my sister because she has pimples mask in her back, I heard that this brush was good for that. So I decided to use it as well to see if I like it. This is a great brush every time that I take a shower I used it. It feels relaxing and tickling. Before it used it I fill a container with water and I put the brush inside for about 2 or 3 minutes. That when I taking the shower for 10 minutes I brush my body in a circular motion. I like it because it takes your dead skin and after using your skin feels soft. This brush it well makes and affordable. I’m very pleased with it.

Ivy G.
Perfect for back scratching

This thing makes an excellent back-scratching device, I honestly don’t know what a dry bath even is but I do know I wanted an item to scratch those hard to reach places on my back with ease and this does the trick. It feels great and it is just the perfect texture. I loved the way it looked.

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