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Donna C.

I am actually going to make this a birthday gift for my mon which is not until February, but wanted to make sure to devote good time decorating this with precious photos.

Why I chose this? I have given so many gifts to my mom from kitchen appliances to personalized items that she has seen it all. But this is truly unique because I will actually put my own creativity and love into creating it!

Marivic L.
Awesome gift!

I love this explosion box! I bought this for my anniversary for my husband. Great size, and quality! You are able to put so many pictures. I love the fact that it is already assembled all you have to do is personalize it with your own creativity and memories. It has so many secret compartments and sleeves to add quotes, notes and pictures. The more you start adding stuff the more creative you get and really start to enjoy putting it together. I loved the time and Heart I put into it. If you are looking for a gift that will really touch someone’s heart look no further! This box will definitely give out a message of love, patience and thoughtfulness!

Jamaica G.
Cute gift idea

I bought this for my daughter to give to her best friend for Christmas. She loves putting things together like this so she's pretty excited to work on it. She's started to put some pictures in it so far and it's enjoying the crafty part. I'll update with a picture when she finishes. There's also a small box that sits in the center for a small gift like jewelry or a small token of love. She really loves getting best friend necklaces so that's what she plans to put in it.

Heidi S.
A special gift

I spent three days working on this project and it was worth it. A little hard to figure out, but if you are family with crafting you’ll be ok. If not, YouTube can show you how to do this I’m sure. I recommend using double sided tape to secure everything. It comes with a roll of tape but you’ll need more of you fill the whole thing with photos. I used at least 40 photographs cut to size in it. It was a Christmas present t for my husband and yes he cried happy tears.

Cristine N.
Great Christmas gift for fiancé!

This was so fun to put together. Keep in mind that it is made of paper, so it can seem a little flimsy at times, and some of the pockets for the little foldables were glued oddly. But for the price I was super pleased! I didn't end up using the ribbon or flowers, or even the stickers that came with it, but I'm still very pleased with this.

Joanna M.
Was perfect for birthday gift

This was SO amazing.
It's a thicker coated paper so it's durable it comes preassembled, but to decorate you need to pay attention so you can put it back in order.

Everyone who saw the finished box loved it and wanted to know where I got it

Charmaine M.
SOOO cute!

Love it! I made this for a friend for her birthday with a bunch of cute pictures and I bejeweled the outsides. It was so easy to do and came out really nicely. I already ordered another one. Great quarantine craft and it's a nice way to gift a gift card to someone!

Roma S.
Super cute and so much fun to create

Loved this!!!! This product is made out of a heavy card stock and is super durable. It comes with several options for configuration so you can really make it your own. My only complaint.... needs more of the pretty stickers but maybe I’m bias cuz I love stickers!

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