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Jolie L.
Love these

I am usually leary of Ooala products for the face because l know the reviews can be "bought" but these actually work to minimize the bags under eyes and reduce the tired appearance. I haven't had them long enough to judge if it helps with wrinkles but definitely helps with the bags. I keep them in the fridge so they are nice and cool when they go on.

Elise V.R.
Moisturizing makeover.

From start (picking up the tweezers which keeps the magic fresh in the jar) to finish (removing pads) these are an awesome addition to the spa time I seldom afford myself. They already have made those times more enjoyable and refreshing. I feel so pampered and happy with my purchase.

I took them to my sisters and she not only loved them, it minimized her fine lines around he eyes. What a great value and plenty in the bottle for many more spa days. I think they may be more soon than the last time since I cannot wait. Moisturizing makeover.

Janet G.
Easy to apply

I'm a night owl and usually don't get enough sleep daily. Even as I'm typing this (around 3:40AM), I'm wide awake and will probably get only a few hours of sleep. Have baggy eyes and crows feet. I started using these eye masks and hopefully it will help out a little. This jar comes with a plastic tweezer to pick up the eye masks. It covers from my eyelids making a U shape towards the bottom of my eyes where my dark circles are. It has a cool sensation when applied and no discomfort at all. I usually leave it on for around 20 minutes as suggested.

Princess Q.
Easy to apply if you use excess serum all over face. Works great!

Overall i like this product. It tends to stay in about the same place on my face, there is no stinging or weird feeling on my face when using it, it moisturizes nicely and is very easy to use. They provide a tiny plastic scoop so you don't have to grab each of the eye masks with your fingers.

The few downsides I've noticed, but am personally fine with. The patches are thin and I definitely have accidentally put two on my face (under each eye) and wondered why it kept sliding down. They do not rip or tear even though they're thin, but it can be a little difficult to tell if you actually only grabbed one patch for each eye.

Diane W.
Love these!

These are great! After having these on for 30 minutes while relaxing I remove them and just wow! Now, that said I wish that my under eye area "stayed" looking just like it does when I first take them off... so smooth! Of course if does not "stay" that way long term but I know that my under eye area is really getting amazing hydration and that over all I am seeing improvement in that area.
Plus for the price you get allot so I don't feel guilty about using them everyday if I have time... plus it lets me feel like I am spoiling myself even if only for 30 minutes.

Marian D.
Have to cut the edges to fit the place under the eyes

These patches give me a really fresh look, I like them so much! I use them when I look tired or when I have some swelling in the lower eyelids. It works very well!
The only thing that disturbs me is that I have to cut the upper side of each patch before using it. Otherwise, they just don't fit my eyelids and keep slide down the cheeks.
Other than that, the product is perfect! I highly recommend it to anyone who experiences puffiness under their eyes.

Cory D.
Not hard to stay on like others said

I have fine lines under my eyes, when I first tried it I left it for 20 mins and then removed it the wrinkles were flattened and almost none existing but this just stays for couple of seconds and then the wrinkles appear again. I have been using it 4 times now and I see improvement.

It's slippery for the first few secs but then it stays on.

Barbara J.
Affordable, effective, less waste

I was looking for some less wasteful eye patches. I love love love these they make my fine lines less noticeable. When I'm done on my eyes I just use them on my upper lip. Affordable, effective, less wasteful and multipurpose! These will be my go to. Can't wait to try the rest of the BEAUZEE line.

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Beauzee Eye Mask Patches Serum, Reduces Dark Circles, Repair Eye Bags & Lines | Retinol