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Martina C.
They're growing back and I'm happy! 😁

I have naturally long lashes. I made the awful decision of getting lash extensions (mink lashes) for my best friend's wedding that I attended as a bride's maid. I wanted my eyelashes to really pop behind my makeup and I was told mink lashes were a lot healthier and would shed with my natural lash cycle. 😑 I have no idea what happened but that wasn't the case, maybe the girl that applied them didn't know what she was doing. My real eyelashes came out and were extremely thin. I nearly cried. I did my research, ordered this product and I've been using it so far for two weeks. Just within two weeks I've seen such an improvement. I didn't take too many before pics of my lashes thinning because I was very upset and sad about it. I highly recommend this product! And I also recommend not ever getting mink lashes lol unless you trust the person doing them.

Joyce C.
Works okay

I use this castor oil for my eyebrows and eyelashes. I can't say I've seen a HUGE difference in the thickness of either but I will say it works okay. I have naturally thin eyebrows that I hardly ever pluck, and I have noticed some new growth but nothing crazy. My eyelashes are naturally long but I had a small section where they weren't really growing and looked sparse. I will say the patch is not as noticeable but cannot attest to my eyelashes looking any longer or much fuller. I will continue to use it because of the price (and I already bought it) but I don't think it is a miracle product for hair growth. My sister uses Latisse on her eyebrows and hers have grown twice as thick as mine. I don't think it stings my eyes as other reviewers have stated and I do like how it came with 2 separate application brushes.

Kelsey B.
This product is great, I purchased this item about three months ago ..

This product is great, I purchased this item about three months ago from a different seller. This product is great for natural hair. I am an African American female and previously had a perm in my hair and decided to go natural. No perm in six months and feeling good about it thanks to Castor Oil!!! This product makes my hair soft and manageable. Talk about hair growth WOW!! I am ready to have the perm completely cut out of my hair because I have enough new growth to maintain a beautiful style. Not just any Castor Oil, if you plan to purchase make sure it's USDA Organic. That's Real Talk!!

Ada B.
Forever Favorite

Awesome for skin, lashes and brows. I’ve been using it nightly for 6 years, consistently, and the results speak for themselves. I’ll always use castor oil. ***UPDATE Spring 2020*** I continue to use it every single night for my eye area skin and lashes.

Lorraine G.
Worth the purchase!

So far so good. Wanted my lashes longer and didn’t feel like paying 60+ dollars on a product. This totally works! Don’t use too much- just use the brush and twirl it on the ends of your lashes and comb your eyebrow hairs.

Janice S.
Soft eyelashes again

Honest review time: I started using this about 6-8 weeks ago. I don’t use it every day! I’m lazy and forgetful so this review will be based off of me using this stuff MAYBE twice a week. I’ve always had long eyelashes and they’re fairly thick but I’ve noticed over the last several years that my eyelashes were feeling really coarse when I wasn’t wearing mascara. So I bought this product. It’s done wonders! I barely ever use it but my eyelashes are so soft again. They’re shiny and I think they’ve even darkened/gotten thicker! I’ve noticed more baby eyelashes for sure. Now my eyebrows is a different story. I have really thin ones and I draw them in which makes more hairs fall out so that’s a losing battle. I’ve been putting castor oil on them too and I see more hairs growing under my eyebrows but haven’t noticed my actual eyebrow getting thicker. Oh well. Still recommend it!

Jessica A.
Be patient... it works!

A friend of mine highly recommended this product after seeing very good results. However, I was still very skeptical about it, but decided to try it since it’s cheap and thought I didn’t have much to lose. I began using it every night for the first month. Then, I got a bit lazy and started using every other night or when I remembered for another month. I’m on my third month now and have been using it every night again. I completely stopped checking to see if my lashes were any longer, until one day after washing my face I looked in the mirror and noticed that my lashes were a lot more noticeable without makeup. This was a big shock to me since I always had very short lashes that could barely see when I had no makeup on. I don’t know exactly when this product started working, but all I know is that it definitely does, and I’m so happy with the results! My lashes and even brows are longer, thicker, and fuller. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and safe way to thicken and lengthen their lashes!

Kylie M.
It’s works but it takes a while

Hi! So I bought this product with the intention of making my eyebrows thicker and to get more hairs to grow in areas were they no long grew due to plucking. I used this product for about a month on and off. I did not use it every day. I used it every other day and still saw some results. No, the reason why I’m giving four starts is because it did not come with the little brush it only came with the wand and the oil. Overall the product is great, it has some results please keep in mind that it’s not a miracle product it is not going to bring very thin eyebrows to be thick and it is also a lengthy product meaning it takes long to actually see results. I’ve included the first day picture versus the 30 day picture

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