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Lindsay W.
I LOVE this product!

I have tried a few other eyelash lifting products in the past including going to a salon but this beats them. Going to a salon is timely and expensive so I love that this product is neither of those. I also like this product above other brands because it is soo fast. My old eyelash kit would have me sit there for 25min for each step while this one is way faster. I would watch a few videos if this is your first time so you fully understand the process but overall I am pleased and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for an easy, cost-effective solution! The picture attached is my lashes after about 2 weeks.

Pamela M.
Just what I was looking for

Love this product! I was super excited to try it after a friend recommended it and it did not disappoint. It gave the perfect amount of lift to my lashes. The directions were very vague but after watching a YouTube video it wasn’t too difficult to do. The only negatives to this product is that the pads wanted to lift from my eyelid in the corner and it took a bit of effort to get my lashes to stay down but it was doable. This is a great alternative to curling your lashes without damaging them! (Picture: left eye before right eye after)

Jessica A.
New adjustment for long lashes!

This product is amazing, but I will warn you: if you have long eyelashes, there is somewhat of a “learning curve” on feeling your eyelashes.

The product was very straight forward, and I watched two additional YouTube videos as I was pretty nervous to do it myself.

The best key would be to apply the glue, let it dry for a second, and then apply to your eyelid. Same with applying the glue and your eyelashes.

Everything was incredibly smooth and I expected it to “fall” a little, as I showered immediately after. Wrong! It stayed, and is still the same as the day I did it.
4 of my close friends purchased the kit after seeing the results.

Pro tip: buy disposable lip gloss applicators to help in putting everything on. I used a Q tip and had no issues.

Pro tip: don’t use the small comb side of they comb, but use the full side that fits onto your lashes.

1) pre application, no mascara
2) immediate post application, no mascara
3) next morning, one coat mascara
4) 2 weeks post, no mascara

Eli M.
A little challenging to use at first, but worth it!!!

I have very small hooded eyes, so making the pads stick was very difficult. The corners kep popping up, so I ended up trimming them to fit my eyeshape. I saw a tutorial where a lady put the lash glue directly on the eye pad to make it stick, but this didn't work for me. I put the lash glue on my eyelid and waited til it felt super sticky, while I was waiting I put glue on corners of eye pad just incase so everything would be extra sticky. I lifted my eyebrows so my kid would stay "flat" then I held it on until it stuck. Then I applied eyelash glue to pad and used my finger to stick my eyelashes to pad, most of them didn't stick well so I did another layer, and bent a q-tip to the shape of my eye and held it over the lashes, then applied even more glue used the bent q-tip to brush the lashes flat then pressed the q-tip against the lashes again. Once the lashes stuck well I applied the perm dye and brushed my lashes with the bent stick of the q-tip. Then I used a larger eye pad and placed it over my lashes and pressed. Using the other eyepads as a holder helped a ton, the package says to use clear plastic wrap, but the way I did it was easier. Then I applied the fixation solution, pressed the extra lid pad over and held again. Some of the eyelashes popped off from the pad, but since I held a pad over they stayed curled. Used the cleansing solution to clean the lashes and also gently remove the eye pad from my eye too. It probably took me about an hour & 1/2 to do everything but it was my first time. I am sure the more practice I have, the better I'll get. But I instantly loved the result!

Steffany N.
given me so much confidence

This has given me so much confidence and the lashes I’ve always wanted. It is very nicely packaged, instructions are easy to follow and works as advertised.

Nariz S.
Get this!! Good stuff!

This little kit is great! I received it and was kind of surprised at how small it was, I’ve never done a lash lift though and didn’t know what to expect. Everything was in the kit that it says it has. This kit doesn’t have under-eye pads, I don’t think you really need those though.
I watched countless YouTube videos on lash lifts because I really had no idea what it was. I randomly came across “lash lift” on Instagram and was in awe.
Follow the directions on the back of the box and you’re really set to go! I did use my own eyelash glue to glue the pad to my eyelid. Using the glue the kit comes with for the lashes is much better than false eyelash glue. Use that! Let the glue initially sit for like 10 seconds. I then used a tooth pic to push the eyelashes onto the pad and they stuck well.
I left the perm and fixation on for 11 minutes each. I was shook when I was finished! It looks amazing!
Side note. If doing this alone, it will take some time. I think it took me over an hr to do my own eyes alone. I had to do one eye at a time. I then did my friends eyes a few days later and it took me 30 minutes.
Buy this! It’s great! Be patient!

Jane S.
Works as advertised

It was easier to do than I thought. I was worried about accidentally getting some of the pink or blue product in my eyes - and sure enough I did have to wipe some out or away and I expected it to sting but it was completely fine. So that’s a huge plus being it’s so easy to get some near your eyes... it was easy to use and my lashes look so good afterward! Curled nicely - even more so than my eyelash curler could ever do - so I am happy. I’ll return to update with the longevity...

Melody E.
I love it so much

I have straight down asian lashes and it works wonders. I’ve lifted my mom’s lashes also and it works perfectly. I used the largest rod (cut out the ends so it doesn’t poke my eye) for natural curls. The solution was on for 15mins for my mom and 20+mins for my lashes for both solutions separately. As a result, my mom got very natural curl where I got mine a little too straight up. At first I was scared as I’ve read other review saying she went to ER after solution contacted her eyes. But it’s just way too expensive to get it done at a salon. I took the risk and the solution even went into my eyes but NO irritation whatsoever, just had to use Qtip to wipe it off of my eyes. It’s so worth it and I love the product!

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