Zuen Waterproof Face Brush for Deep Cleaning, Gentle Exfoliating, Blackhead Removing and Massaging

Color: Teal


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Lindsay W.
Easy and useful

I always worry about getting my makeup off when I only use my hands, and this is a gentle alternative. The size of these is perfect for use by hand and to effectively wash your face. I work in dermatology and was trying to find a soft alternative to the face wipes or washcloth I use often. This is a great alternative, doesn't over-dry or damaged skin. I like it because it's a soft exfoliator to use daily too, rather than the harsher scrubs or spin brushes I own. I use one and gave the other to my mom to use who suffers from dry skin in the wintertime.

Bonna S.
Skincare Essential

I live for this product. It exfoliates my skin so well & the scrubber is so easy to clean!! Not sure why people are saying they’re difficult to hold because of the suction cup on the back doubles as a grip. Great for getting rid of dirt & clogged up skin.

Olivia C.
Great to have, cute simple gift too

So cute and great to have!! Just used one in the shower for the first time, with a light exfoliating and Illuminating scrub, felt really nice even if it's so simple of a tool. I was in the shower wishing I had brought both in to do circle motions at the same time on my face- with two hands for more of a relaxing and even feeling. It was still great and I'm excited about it. Not sure if there's a huge difference in my skin now afterwards; it's a little softer, but at least it's an added step I'm happy to do to feel nice with self-care.

Amor P.
Gentle physical exfoliation

These are perfect for a light, nonabrasive physical exfoliation. I use this very gently with some ph. balanced cleanser, and it does a perfect job of loosening up any excess oil, sunscreen, and makeup from the day. It's also a great gentle way to prep your skin before using a chemical exfoliator or retinol.
The colors are super cute and cheery, for the price, you really can't go wrong.

Cherry S.
Like a daily facial only cheaper

I use this to wash and exfoliate my face, no it doesn’t stick to the mirror (at least not mine) but that doesn’t matter! Because I seriously do not know how I’ve lived w/o this product. It cleans, exfoliates, and massages all while feeling way too good for a facial tool! My skin looks great since I started using them and I do plan to purchase more.

Jasmin C.
Gentle exfoliation

I got this to help my almost 9-year-old wash his face. He loves it! I tried it myself and it exfoliates very gently and makes it easier to use the face wash

Bella B.
Soft and Effective!!

I feel like my skin has cleared up a lot since using them!! they're gentle but I can definitely see them collect the grossness from leftover makeup that just facewash on my hands doesn't get. the suction cups are not the most reliable but the handle is still effective

Kelly H.
Love this!!

I have very sensitive skin, but it's super dry so I have a lot of flaking. This product is perfect to help me sluff off the dead skin without needing to use exfoliating soap every wash. It's soft, easy to hold, and is a huge improvement to using a washcloth. I keep one at my sink and the other in my shower. They rinse well and do not seem to hold onto residue.

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Zuen Waterproof Face Brush for Deep Cleaning, Gentle Exfoliating, Blackhead Removing and Massaging