Kale USB Rechargeable Face Pore Vacuum Cleaner w/ 6 Suction Head



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Donna C.
Good product! good price!

The best product for facial!
I love this blackhead remover vacuum!
I have oily skin and with that my pores are very open which facilitates the entry of impurities and causes a lot of blackheads to appear. Now I did my deep cleansing at home and my skin is very clean. Super recommend!

Charmaine M.
It surprisingly works!

Omg, I have found the solution to my yucky black and whiteheads! I recently started to get yucky bumps of black and whiteheads on my nose, under my nose, and on my chin!! Gross! Those nose peel things didn’t work well and then I found this little machine!! This product surprised me. I thought it was one of those gimmicks but it actually does work.

Mark H.

This product has an amazing suction ability although if you leave it in one spot you will have some marks. I have used this product several days in a row with wonderful results.
My face is always feeling very clean after each use. It is fairly quiet and compact to add to your travel bag. This product is also super easy to clean and maintain.
The charging cord is quite short but you cannot plug it in and lay it down on the counter that would probably be my only request for change. Well worth the money for this product.

Janno H.
Wife loves this tool

My wife has been wanting a blackhead remover for a long time. She is very satisfied with this one. As soon as the package arrived she took it out of package plugged it in with the provided charging cable. About an hour later she went to town. She cleared my entire nose and we couldn't believe the amount of blackheads that were in the changeable suction head. We are a big fan of all the different changeable heads provided. The blackhead sucker is very simple to use.

Mark W.
Works good

I always wanted to try one of these so I finally got one. The important thing on this is that you have to heat up your skin to open up your pores or it won’t fully work. It will mostly make the area red if not warmed up. I really like the smaller nozzle because it can get in the hard to get places and gives the best suction. The battery life is pretty good and charging time is pretty quick. I would like to have the end curve so I can get closer to the mirror so I can see better while using but as it works just a little harder to see.

Jamaica G.
Strong suction that serves its purpose

Yes, it works! Yes, it has strong suction! Ok so it’s my first time using this, I read the instructions and follow them accordingly, make sure you do the same, I started by using the lowest setting and the silicone head, you need to make sure your stretch your skin and do fast strikes so it will be more manageable and the suction doesn’t get stuck in one place only, need to make sure of this otherwise you will risk having bruises, my skin did get a little red after treatment but is completely normal it went away within minutes. My dead skin and grease are gone! I will be trying the other 4 probes, I’m happy with the results and different uses I can get from it!

Heidi S.
gentle suction for your skin

I was worried about how strong the suction on this device could be because I have fairly sensitive skin and turn out it is not that bad. I usually leave it on the same spot for 5 seconds and then hover it to another spot depending on the location of the face. the different option of the head also helps as the bigger the hole the less suction it will be so you can start from there. I would suggest that you clean your face first with warm water and if you

Joanna M.
Fabulous Product!!

I can't say enough great things about this product. I used to squeeze the blackheads on my nose and afterwards my nose would be red, sore and bruised. I wanted to find a better way to keep my face clean, but strips or masks never really seemed to work the way I wanted them to. After trying this product (I use it once a week) my skin is so much cleaner and it is so easy to use. Some people think the power can be too strong, I actually wouldn't mind an even stronger suction, but it is already pretty powerful on its highest setting. After using this device, I put a purifying mask on my face and my skin is glowing afterward. I highly recommend it!

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