Tuimb Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber Spatula with USB Charger, Face Peeling Deep Cleaning Beauty Device

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Cherry S.
Love it! Really works!!!!

I am in awe of how amazing this face shovel/scrubber is!!! It will truly lift and remove all impurities from your face without you having to touch your face with your hands. I am a skincare freak and honestly try not to add more germs into my face that I already have. I seriously recommend this to everyone as it’s a mini facial at the comfort of your home. TIP: Take a warm shower, wash your face as you normally would the steam/heat will make your blackheads easier to remove with the scrubber/shovel

Maui D.
Best skin care tool ever!

I absolutely love this product. I thought it was going to be small and turned out to be a good size. I began using on my skin and couldn’t believe all the gunk it was pulling. I hope it can help me with my oily skin. I suffer with super oily skin and it’s very embarrassing. My nose has really gross blackheads and I’m embarrassed. It felt like my skin was actually truly clean for the very first time.

Veron L.
power packed

Wow. this thing is amazing. I don't know how I lived without buying this. scraps all the dirty and impurities off my face! dead skin and some of those stubborn black heads popped right out. this could contour around your nose and I love it. it’s definitely advised to use a wetting agent when doing this. I just used water and that works fine. it was fun to see when you turn this on, the vibration would literally separate water and turn it into a fine mist! that when you know it works! this thing is so slim you can carry it anywhere in your back and a travel essential!

Mike S.
Works well

I bought this for my wife. She used it just few times but she really sees the difference between and after. It’s so small and effective, no more blackhead on the nose! Its lightweight, very easy to use and easy to clean. And supper effective.

Bella B.
Reliable seller. Product as described. Seller shipped item fast.

I truly cannot be without this amazing skin scrubber. Leaves my face without any black heads. Will definitely buy again for a gift. Have been recommending it to my family and friends!!! Best purchase ever!!!

Penelope C.
Massages as it cleans

I got this for my older daughter. She has been breaking out a bit more than I expected and I wanted to help her get her face deep cleaning done before she uses the astringent. This is super easy to use. It charges over night, wash your face. Once rinsed leave it wet and run the metal spatula over your skin. It vibrates, massaging your face and getting the deeper dirt out. She has used it for a few weeks now and I can see a difference in her face from just adding this to her nightly routine.
Comes with charging cord

Cynthia W.
This tool was so AMAZING that I had to write a review.

I loved this tool. I am seriously crazy about my skin and having any sort of acne. I will pick until my face bleeds- kind of crazy. So, I ordered this in hopes to calm the PPP (pesky picking problem) I’m dealing with. It’s an anxiety issue. But!!!! This tool is so amazing that I had to write a review, and I never write reviews, EVER. With this derma pore knock off, I was able to clear so many little clogged pores that I would’ve had to dig at for hours, with little to no effort (and my blackheads/whiteheads/clogged pores are so freaking difficult to get out) My skin looks amazing and my pores are tiny tiny tiny. So, I loved this and have just ordered 6 more for Christmas gifts!!!! You won’t regret this purchase.

Lucy J.
Portable and deep cleans

While using the skin scrubber it was convenient, you can walk around the house and do something while cleaning your face. It’s not plugged to the wall so you don’t have to stand in one place. Though you have to charge it for 2 hours. When I got mine I thought I could use it right away but you have to charge it. Waiting for 2 hours was worth it, my skin was clean and it felt refreshing.

There three modes to the skin scrubber lifting , cleansing, moisturizing. After use you can clean easily and use it again.

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Tuimb Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber Spatula with USB Charger, Face Peeling Deep Cleaning Beauty Device