Fastlight Table lamp LED Touch Table Lamp Foldable USB Powered 3 Dimming Desk Lamp



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Riley T.
The brightness for craft projects

The choice of brightness are great to have. Use between low light for ambiance, med light for reading and bright to do crafts. The light does not take up table space. One aspect of the light that I wish was different is the length of the electrical cord, it could be longer as I use a long table and where the socket is, I cannot slide the lamp to the furthest side of my table I recommend this light if you o not need a long cord.

Anton Y.
Night and Day Difference

No pun intended but this lamp is something I have been looking for a long time now. It gives an ambience to my working room in the house of wanting to work more than I had intended. Really good light dispersion that allows me to see paperwork and the computer screen very clearly. It's most dominant in the evening and really clarifies everything that I read.

Steve D.

This is a great buy! I do adult coloring, and I need a lot of light to do that, but I don’t have a lot of space. That’s why I purchased this remarkably affordable LED light. It doesn’t take up much room. The cord could be a bit longer, but it works with me using an extension cord. There are 9 different light levels, so I have all the light I need. The light juts out over what I’m drawing. It is just PERFECT. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Travis B.
Slim, Portable and Efficient

I purchased this lamp for a small desk in a dark corner of my room. It has met all my needs and I'm taking the time to promote such a great find. It unplugs and folds down to a completely flat profile which enables me to stow it inside my desk on top of my laptop.It does not get hot and can be safely put inside my furniture immediately after use. And it is lightweight and portable if I care to shove it in my laptop carry case. There are no bells or whistles with USB connectors, etc. but it is exactly the little foldable, bright and easy light source I hoped for. I'm using it right now as I compose this note!

Chad j.
Great desk lamp, great value

I bought one of these a while back for my desk, which is near a large window. When it storms or when it gets dark early, it is a perfect light option for my work area. I've also discovered that I can bend the light bar down and perfectly illuminate small metal detecting finds placed on the base of the light for photos that help me ID stuff. I am thinking about getting another one for the other side of my monitors to balance out the lighting. If you need a good quality lamp, this is an inexpensive option for you.

Veron L.
Great desk lamp!

I bought this lamp for my new mobile workbench and tool cabinet. It could not be better! Not only is it handsome but it takes up very little space on the work area. The three brightness levels are a big plus, especially when doing precision work.

Cherry S.
Just As Shown

This is a great desk lamp. It has 3 brightness levels, folds into slightly larger than a ruler so it is portable. Can use wall plug or plug into USB port on computer. Ideal for laptop users. Stylish too. I like it very much.

Mike S.
Clean, Modern and Functional

This LED lamp is perfect for my workspace. I wanted a small stylish light in a modern white design and this lamp is exactly what I was looking for. I like that the light is controlled by a single touch point. I also like that it has three colors and brightness levels and remembers the color previously set. I highly recommend - it's a great value and you won't be disappointed.

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Fastlight Table lamp LED Touch Table Lamp Foldable USB Powered 3 Dimming Desk Lamp