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Ivan R.
Best digging trowel, tie a bright ribbon on the handle

This is perfect for my arthritic hands because I need a stout handle. It's very light, perfect for backpacking. Tie some bright flashing on the handle so you won't overlook it when you're leaving camp (and so your fellow backpackers will remember to return it to you).

Adrian C.
Small but mighty!

This trowel is amazing. Yes it's light and made of plastic, but boy does this go the extra mile. We use it mainly for when we are at the beach for digging holes and making sand castles with the kid. It's been thrown around, stuffed tightly into bags and exposed to mud, sand and sea water. It's not shown any wear or tear. It's a sturdy wee thing!

Jamie R.
Plastic Sturdy Shovel

I needed a plastic shovel to bring to a fossil dig in a marl pit. It was comfortable to use, sturdy, and lightweight. Suited my purpose just fine. The marl pit was a damp, dense, grainy soil. There were no roots. I do plan to use it in my garden bed, and I think it will do fine there as well.

Jayson J.
Works great. Great value for price

Lightweight, so don't get it to dig through hard clay. For soft soil and potting project, works great. Great value for the price. Prompt shipping

Paul D.V.
Not complicated

It is a small plastic shovel, nothing fancy. But it is perfect for underwater gardening in large fish tanks with live plants. The materials can't rust and can't harm my fish. Unless you stab a fish with the pointy end I suppose. And I do have that one fish that tends to bite. I would still recommend this trowel to others who need to move large amounts of substrate in planted tanks. It also works well with live sand in salt water tanks.

Harvey L.
Worked well and was light weight for backpacking. Only ...

Worked well and was light weight for backpacking. Only thing is that it was hard to dig in really wooded areas because it's plastic and there were a ton of roots.

Rudy F.
Handier than you might think....

Sometimes I feel silly packing things like this, when you can always just kick a hole or grab a rock to scrape things out. But it's light as a feather and convenient as heck--especially when I'm hunting and want to bury things a bit deeper to reduce scent in the area. And it's mighty handy to scrape flat a little area for tent set-up, so you don't have that gnarly think poking you through your sleeping pad.

Michael S.
Better than metal alternatives

It is much lighter and much nicer than metal alternatives. Plastic means that you are not afraid to cut yourself. It is strong enough to withstand serious abuse. The grip is easy to hold, and the volume is such that in good soil you need to dig 2-3 times to get 6 inch deep hole.

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