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Ryan P.
Cute puzzle and great gift idea

These were bought for my 3 year old nephew. He loved them, my 5 & 7 year old were playing with them and were enjoying them as well. Love that they are wooden and seemed very sturdy.

Maria E.P.
Excellent for preschoolers

At first when you unassemble the pieces they are hard to put back together but after many uses the pieces are easy to put together. Thin wood material not cardboard. My 3 year old loves them. These are age appropriate and teaching them how to put a puzzle together. The puzzle has the image in the back.

Kristin L.B.
Held their interest!

They are still playing with them! Amazing. They get so easily bored these days but the animals must be cute or something because they keep taking them apart and putting them together again. Right now they are trying to see who can do it the fastest, I think.

Joe J.
My daughter loves them, and sturdy

These are fantastic. My 2 3/4 year old loves them and they are sturdy enough for her to not break them while really enjoying them. I was really shocked to see that they are wood-backed rather than cardboard. I'm going to look for more with different animals.

Renee D.
Great for little ones.

My 18 months loves these puzzles. I believe this is a great educational toy for him. He loves them and wants to share playfully with me. Animal topic is his favorite since we make sounds and he enjoys these puzzles even more. Very happy with these puzzles.

Amanda M.B.
Buy these for your toddler

I buy puzzles from Ooala every week for my just turned 3 grandson. He LOVES these puzzles. They are thinner than some of the others but everything else about them is super. They provide just enough of a challenge to keep him interested. The pictures are really cute, nice bright colors and the pictures are well secured so you don’t have to worry about the pictures coming off. Really excellent puzzles for a fantastic price.

Kris J.
These puzzles have been helping my aunt who has Dementia.

I bought these to use with my aunt who has dementia. At first I thought they were just to easy and young for her. But I was wrong. When I took them out she looked them because they look so cute. She also found them challenging. The best part about these puzzles are they have the same picture in the center of the board so when you put all the puzzle pieces (5/6) on the table it's easier for her to do. She just follows the picture. Yet it's challenging enough for her that it works her brain. I would recommend this to anyone who is tying to help a family member with Dementia.

Tiffany S.
Nice challenge for my 2 year old

My little one is way too good at the wooden chunky puzzles but isn't ready for traditional puzzles entirely, so these are a good in-between. The picture of the puzzle is printed on the back of each wood square so she can match the pieces to where they go. The pieces are thin but not flimsy so it's a good stepping stone between chunky wood or foam puzzles into the cardboard puzzles for older children.

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FixPuzzaw Kids Toy Wooden 3D Puzzle Jigsaw | Educational Learning Toys