Flovura™ Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Serum with Biotin & Natural Growth Peptides

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Mae P.
Best product ever

I was skeptical at first but desperately needed something for my inadequate lashes and this product delivered thick darker and longer lashes,everything they promised is true. Make sure you use it daily for better results. Even though I haven’t used it daily the results still happened, less lash loss as well even if you don’t use daily. Built my confidence back up so thank you so much for that

Jamaica G.
Best Buy

My lashes have grown like CRAZY! the length of my eyelashes have grown in just 1 month. To the point where when I put mascara on my eyelashes almost look eyelash extensions. It's good to keep in mind it can only grow lashes that you already have. So considering that I have thin lashes this serum made the lashes I have to grow longer, but I have not gotten thicker lashes.

Tierra H.

Super fast delivery plus I am very happy with the product.

Cid C.

I wanted to wait until I've really used the serum before leaving a well-informed review. It's been about two months and I can honestly say, IT FRIGGIN WORKS!

Much like many other 90's idiot trends following teen girls, I overplucked my eyebrows, rendering them useless. I'm proud to say that over the past two decades I have mastered the art of brow penciling but my life long desire has always been to sport pencil free, pronounced brows.

I won't mislead anyone here, I still need to pencil them in a bit. But in the two months that I've been using Flovura Lash, I have gone from basically filling in a few sad, sparse hairs I called eyebrows, to simply filling in an actual, real-life eyebrow. I can even go outside without filling them in and not feel like everyone is judging my terrible plucking choices. There's still work to be done, but there's been significant growth and I look forward to more of it. It didn't happen overnight, I've been using the serum pretty consistently for two months, give or take a few days. But the result is definitely there. I've also noticed my eyelashes got fuller. Nothing crazy but definitely much more filled in and I've been getting compliments on them (got one last night, wearing barely any mascara).

So for anyone questioning on whether the serum works--it has for me. You do need to commit to making it a part of your nightly routine but what's an extra minute for a healthy-looking brow?

I didn't take the before pics and chances are you guys won't be too impressed with the after but if you'd seen what they looked like before, you'd all be very excited for me.

Kelsey B.
Work really good

Been using for 4 months and it really does make my lashes longer and thicker. You have to use daily at least 2 months to see the result.

Caroline D.
No longer a skeptic - it works.

I’ve been using this eyelash growth for 3-4 months (1 bottle) and my lashes are incredible. I noticed them growing after a couple of weeks. My friends have asked me if I got lash extensions and I’ve been happy to tell them my secret - this incredibly affordable eyelash growth serum. I’ve also tried the eyebrow version but haven’t noticed much change- maybe it takes longer to grow eyebrows.

Krisha G.
This stuff really works

This stuff is amazing. I am on my second tube and I can't believe how long my eyelashes have gotten. You need to use it every night and it will work. I didn't really notice a difference until I started using my 2nd tube. People at work can't believe the difference. I have never had long eyelashes. I have always wanted them to be long. I have never had luck with mascara making them look long. Now when i put my mascara on they are so long. A friend told me about it and i wasn't sure it would work but it did. I started using it in early October and in the last month they have really grown. The price is great and I'm so happy with this product. My coworkers are now ordering it. I plan to continue using this to keep them long.

Aira C.
I love this eyelash grower it really does work.

I love this eyelash grower it really does work. I had fake extensions put on and they took my eyelashes off. This hundred percent works it takes a while but it does work I’ve been working on my eyelashes for two weeks and my ass is already growing. Extensions are great but they do pull your eyelashes out. I’ve used this for the last year and my lashes got long

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