Hengary Portable Digital Music MP3 Player | Speaker FM Radio | Supports Micro SD/TF/USB

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Randall S.
Totally Awesome High Technology Device

Excellent sound! Very versatile Takes USB and SD. Takes little time to learn controls. Sensitive FM tuner.
Really fun, makes a great gift. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Francis R.

WOW, I have to admit, this thing is a WHOLE lotta sound for not much $. and well built too! I understand that there are any moving parts here to deal with, but I honestly believe you could drop it from a moving car and as long as it didn't get run over, it would probably still be playing 3 days later when you finally find it. have to admit I wish the LCD displayed a little more info, but again under $20

Sarah W.

I bought 7pcs Portable Mini Digital speakers. All are good and the sound is loud. I want to recommend this product to everyone.

Arnold W.

I love this little radio/MP3 player. I used it to replace my giant radio/cd/cassette boom box in my bathroom. After a few hours of play it stopped working, but thankfully I had read the other reviews and knew to just plug it into my computer and recharge the battery. Thanks to the other reviewers I also knew how to change the volume and find my radio station. I just turn it off, lower the antenna and stick it in the drawer when I'm done listening. It doesn't have to sit out on my counter like my old boom box did. I need to read up on turning off the light and I'm guessing I'll get a longer battery life. It's so cute and I've taken it outside with me relaxing on the deck and plugged my nano into it. Good sound for such a small device.

Mae P.
the radio signals pick up good for me

This is the equilivant of the transister AM radio of the 1950s. Sure it has it's limitations, but I am going to order several more to use as gifts. I just got mine and it had no instructions at all, but it is easy to figure out. I still have not found my favorite FM station, but have not tried hard. The sound is great, but it is not meant to fill a large music hall

Rose H.
and adorable! I've gotten plenty of positive comments on it ...

This radio is very portable, affordable, and adorable! I've gotten plenty of positive comments on it from friends and coworkers. The bottom lights up different colors when it's on and the sound quality is decent. Mine didn't come with instructions but you can search for them online and it's fairly easy to understand afterwards.

Nicolas R.
great buy

Now this is where the saying ...( BIG THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES) I havent figured out how to use the wi fi yet , but who cares the FM radio works fine and the sound is really good and with free shipping this is an unbeleivable bargain

Jerson C.
BOOM Box in a little Package!

Great little player with a lot of sound. It arrived fast and in good condition. Instructions were on the cords box. It came with an audio cable to connect a phone or MP3 player and a micro USB to standard USB cable for charging. It's got an on/off slide and four buttons. The instructions are on the box with the cables. Light weight, easily transportable. Construction feels good. Nice speaker. Very good volume. The lowest setting might be too loud in radio mode for a cubicle but plugged into your phone you can lower the volume even more with your phone setting. I'll update about this later.

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Hengary Portable Digital Music MP3 Player | Speaker FM Radio | Supports Micro SD/TF/USB