ForestMist 7 Color Night Light Cool Mist Essential Oil Humidifier, Dark Brown



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Jamie R.
Love it!

I’ve been using this diffuser in my living room and I love it! It’s easy to set up and use and also clean after using oils. The output of mist is just right. Plus you can choose a single light color or random. I haven’t been using it too long so my review won’t go into much detail.

Adrian C.
Wonderful Product

I love this product! It is the 3rd and 4th one I've purchased so that should let everyone know what I think. The first two I purchased were for out master bedroom and a 1/2 bath that visitors use. Now I've gotten two more for our guest bedrooms to freshen them up before company comes. I use the same oil in all of them "fresh linen" it's clean and fresh smelling without being too sweet or perfumey.

Ritch A.
Great Diffuser

This is a good diffuser for the money.
The first one I ordered was a piece of junk, the plastic was all warped, the lid wouldn’t go onto the base, the plastic band that lights up was not uniform, and the motor didn’t blow the vapor up past the diffuser.
But my replacement is great. I believe in reviewing the product, not the service. And sometimes you receive a faulty product, it happens. But if the company resolves it, I disagree with being dramatic and writing a 1 star review because you’re upset.
I like the look of this unit, and I like that it has a 400ml capacity. I recommend this if you are looking for a cheaper diffuser.

Melody P.
Great purchase

Bought this for my husband and it is great. It is all plastic and I have not had to clean it yet but being plastic it should clean easily. The cover is also plastic with a wooden grain. It looks like wood from across the room. The lights are really neat and give off a spa like look. For the money this was a great purchase. Came fast packaged well.

Ada B.
The Best Diffuser

I love this product. I received the item in one day. It was packaged very nicely. I unpackaged the item, plug the cord in, added water and a few drops of oil and I was in business. The best thing about this diffuser is the strong mist that it emits. Within minutes my kitchen, living room and dining room were pleasantly fragranced. The second favorite thing about this diffuser is you have just the one top and not the two tops as so many other diffusers have. The price was great with the $4 coupon at checkout. This item is so great I order another for the basement

Lorraine G.
Love it!!

After reading reviews, I decided on this model. I have been very pleased with it. It is larger than many others I’ve seen, however, I wanted enough capacity to run through much of the night. The light is pretty cool, although I prefer to sleep with it off. I typically clean it once a week and it runs like a charm.

Janice S.
Recommend this diffuser

Ok so if you haven't bought a diffuser then I recommend you get one. This site will run for about 12 hours, six-hour intervals. It only takes 4-6 drops of essential oil to make the first floor of my house smell amazing!!! I need to buy another for the second floor too!

Jimmy W.
Great value and function

I really like this diffuser. The dark color blends in well so it virtually disappears on the shelf with the exception of the light color that I choose. This thing is whisper quiet, but I do tend to hear the sound of water droplets sometimes. The scent of my oils doesn't come out very strong even when I add extra drops. Overall very happy with the value and function.

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