ForestMist 7 Color Night Light Cool Mist Essential Oil Humidifier with 10 Cotton Swabs, Light Brown



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James E.
It is not just a humidifier

It is my best friend during the night. It changes colors or you can pick one that is more convenient for you. I use the light as a night lite to see my kids. It is not completely silent, but helps me to relax when it works. It is a great diffuser and helps to breathe. I would recommend this one! Don't buy just a humidifier from Walgreens when you can get something better and much cheaper. Lastly, when you put an essential oil in it, it smells so good. It doesn't make a super strong smell. It does a great job in all aspects.

Richard W.
Still going great, and stylish

Bought 2 of these for my wife, last year. They still work 100%, they're stylish and a subtle color light show really makes this one stand out, for us. We always put them on before company comes over and it immediately makes the house smell great. Also relaxing, when my daughters don't want to fall asleep, we will put these on and listen to a quiet show, which seems to really help.

Victor M.
Quiet, elegant.

We've had it for a month and use it every night - all night: Lasts about 8 hr on high. We enjoy the lights - but you can turn them off. A slight droning noise from 18", but I don't notice it unless I try. I wash after every 3 refills - otherwise the quantity of mist decreases. Takes about 3 minutes - OK. My wife, who makes lotions with high-end aromatherapy oils, tells me the 6-box of oils from the same company is pretty high quality.

Cassy G.

I really like the size and shape of this unit. It is small enough for a tight space, yet efficient enough to humidify a medium size bedroom. It is quiet, and the light is muted and dim and does not light up the whole room, which I like. I like the different buttons to change settings, however, it is impossible to read the writing on each setting, so... I just put it to memory! As I thought about it, writing with ink you can really see would take away from the overall aesthetic beauty of this unit. Overall, I like my new, cool mist humidifier.

Jordin B.
Excellent Product

My wife is a scented candle lover and we have lots of various scented candle jars sitting around the house. I saw this product and figured I could cut down on the number of scented candles in her inventory'. I set it up and had it running when she came home from work one day and she immediately started looking for the new candle she thought I had lit. When I showed her this item and the essential oils I purchased with it she was just thrilled. Just add a little water and oil and you got some amazing aromatherapy going on without having to worry about finicky candles. So many oils to choose from make it fun to mix, match and be creative with the scents flowing from the diffuser. Cool steam is a huge positive benefit over smoky, ill-tempered candle wicks and wax. And if the cat knocks it over it isn't going to burn the house down.

Jelly V.
Quiet, easy to use, and attractive

My husband called this a "fancy" one. I wanted something larger than our 150ml for the living room so I didn't have to fill it as often and to hopefully put out greater scent throughout the living space. This is very attractive and nicely made. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the fact that the top doesn't secure into place (in case it gets bumped) until I needed to fill it one-handedly while holding my baby. The fact that I didn't have to unscrew the top and instead just lifted it off was a plus. However, turning it on was more challenging one-handed because the button placement was awkward and the whole thing moved when I tried to push the button. It needs a bit more weight to it or stronger skid-proof bottom feet. I may just use some double-sided tape to secure it in place. It's quiet, sleek, and easy to use.

Hannah S.
It's beautiful

I reviewed a lot of different diffusers. I wanted one that looked great. I gave this one a try. It looks beautiful! The buttons are easy to understand and use. It hasn't leaked at all or even had any accumulation of the mist on my wood/glass table. It does make a dripping noise every now and again. I have it in my living room, so it doesn't bother me at all. And it gives a little beep when the timer turns off or the water is out. I would recommend!

Jessica A.
Home run hit for quality, appearance, and ease of use!

No reason to hide this diffuser under the sink when company arrives. It is so attractive and easily complements any decor. But that isn't the best feature I've found with URPOWER diffusers. These diffusers last! I still have the one purchase many years ago compared to other brands operating for only a few months. Thank you for creating a quiet, attractive, durable, and long-lasting product. Applause!!!

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