ForestMist 7 Color Night Light Cool Mist Essential Oil Humidifier with 10 Cotton Swabs, Dark Brown



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Amor P.
Relaxing & large capacity

Love my diffuser! Use it every day. I was looking for a cool design with a large capacity, holds 300 ml. Has a dark wood color exterior which matches my floors. I really enjoy the way the mist comes out of the top. So relaxing!
Press the left button once for auto color rotation; press it again to stop on a certain color; it has a bright color and dim version of each color, you can cycle through all the colors and then it will turn off or you can press and hold for off.
Press right button for mist operation. Press once for one hour timer. Twice for three hour timer. Three times for six hours. Four times for on - continously operates until reservoir is empty then automatically turns off (my personal favorite). For a boosted mist or more intense mist press and hold until you hear one beep (another personal favorite). To return back to average mist, press and hold until you hear two beeps. If you want to turn off before time is done, you can either press and hold until it turns off or press and select through all the timer options until off.

Bella B.
Tiny, quiet, light, and well made!

Gorgeous, whisper quiet, and impressively affective!!!

The body is made of a wood grain like plastic, very light weight, like incredibly so, and super easy to put together. The instructions are simple and straighforwards, and all the mini customizable options are a cute addition. You can cycle through several different colors for the lights and there is also a brighter and dimmer version of each light to suit the room and the shade that you have it and I've attached some pictures to this review of how we currently have ours running. You can tell the difference in the steam stream from a light flow to a heavy flow, but again with just two to three drops of an essential oil the scent is already very profound this thing works really well. And we've got this setup in my kitchen you can smell it all over the first floor of the house now. Great buy, adorable, love the cool mist great design guys

Olivia C.

I purchased this for the office and have placed it in the reception area (right behind my desk). The attorneys' offices are adjacent to mine, and the scent is strong enough to linger in all offices without being overwhelming. The diffuser also works to tame our allergies (literally everyone here has been sneezing the past week, but as soon as the diffuser arrived and was plugged in, the sneezing stopped).

It's whisper quiet - so much so that I sometimes forget it's even there. Directions are easy to understand and everything is straightforward. Not to mention how chic the diffuser looks! It takes up very little space and matches our antique/rustic furniture beautifully. Subtle enough to blend in when you really aren't looking for it, but stylish enough to stand out when you first step in the office and take a look around.

I would definitely recommend it!

Veron L.
Exactly what I wanted- money well spent

I really liked this product and use it almost daily. The product is well built, looks good, easy to assemble and does exactly what its made for. I use it in my 11x14 bedroom and the mist spreads well. There are no water stains left on my side table from using the diffuser the whole night. It helps my blocked nose at night and also acts as a humidifier. I have been using it for almost 5 months without any issues.
- Looks great ( I got the darker wood stain)
- Comes with a measuring cup
- Has an auto turn-off feature
- Can turn off the lights if not needed
- Can change the mist release power
- Easy to clean
- Different times setting with a forever automatic turn off setting

Cherry S.
Nothing but awesomeness

The shipping down to the actual product was and is amazing the defuser just awesome it's super quiet and the light make for a cool effect also it can be dimmed as well using as a humidifier works as well I use it when I come in from work and I can definitely see that I relax faster than I did before and I feel calmer to I use it for night time to best sleep I have had in a long time wish I had gotten one sooner but glad I waited and gotten this one I’m 100% satisfied and going to get one for my mom as well

Jasmin C.

It is a beautiful diffuser & it has a wide area in which it diffuses the smell. Just remember to put in more oil bc it holds a lot of water

Kelly H.
Beautiful and easy to use!

This works well as both a humidifier and oil diffuser. I purchased this to place in my living room around 450 sqft large and it is powerful enough to fill the room with fragrance.
It also looks classy! It looks like wood from afar, but it is actually plastic.
Only wish it had a separate button for low mist mode.

Sabrina P.
Amazing and easy to use!

Easy to fill and add essential oils. Controls
Are simple and my home room smells like a spa with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils I added. Helped tremendously with a horrible cough I had in my chest. My hubby graciously ordered it on amazon now and got it just in time to help me breathe. Best humidifier/diffuser I have used. I threw away the diffuser I purchased at Whole Foods because it was impossible to get the right amount of water for it to turn in. This is simple, effective and looks beautiful.

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