Calies Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier - Fresh Food Feeder & Teething Toy for Toddlers & Kids│Pink

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Joan J.
Easy to use, safe!

I bought this product to give my 8-month-old some fruit and also to help her with her teething discomfort, I like to bright colors, it's really easy for her to hold it, it's also easy for them to use it. She's not a pacifier baby, but she still using it. I will try more fruit.
I also like that you can avoid the mess that they make when you give them a piece of fruit 😁 And of course I love that I can give her something to entertain herself while I'm in the kitchen and it's safe for her

Tracy M.
Perfect for teething babies

My baby is currently 6 months old and I started using these at 4 months. He received two teeth at once and it wasn’t going well for him. I was looking for something he would enjoy and tethers weren't it. This product has helped so much. Since it wasn’t too heavy for him he would use it like a pacifier since his holding skills were just developing. Now that his older he can handle the suckers easier and enjoys some snack once the baby food melts. I make my own baby food and put it in ice cubes. Once the food is frozen I cut it in half to fit the inside the tether.

Love L.M.
Two thumbs up from Grandma

Great for holding a piece of fruit or a frozen slice of berry. Occupied our grandson quite nicely during dinner. Does make a mess (fruit juice drips), but what mini-munchkin feeding themselves doesn’t make a mess anyway. Nice to be able to offer fresh fruit without a choking hazard. Washed easily in DW top rack. Did need to be diligent to get fruit pulp from under lip or in silicone folds. Gets two thumbs up from Grandma.

Louie P.
Perfect feeding paci

I love this product for my little one. It’s great being able to just cut up some softer fruit (pear, peach, strawberry) or put in some smaller berries (blueberries are her absolute favorite) and let her go to town. Don’t have to worry about her choking and can keep her occupied while my hubby and I have dinner. Very easy to clean, just remove any leftover food then a little soap and use the nipple cleaning piece from the bottle scrubber (or I believe it’s dishwasher safe but I don’t have a dishwasher so haven’t tried).
I would definitely buy this again for the next baby or for a friend's baby shower. I recommend it to anyone with infants discovering new foods

Ludwig H.
Get this and NOT the cloth mesh ones!!!

Omg these are amazing! I tried the popular brand mesh one first and I swear to the lord I spent 15 minutes trying to clean that thing (sprayed it, scrubbed it, turned it inside out and scraped bananas from the seams over and over) and the residue wouldn’t come clean. But This is the easiest product to clean ever and my son LOVES it! I’m so glad I listened to the other reviews!

Jenifer W.

This is a must-have!! Whether it’s for teething or introducing your baby to foods... I’ve halved grapes, which my son loves, but we have mainly used to freeze a baby food/cereal mix for teething. It has worked better than any other teething toy we have bought. Not to mention how easy it is to clean and it comes with different sizes of the feeder part. A huge thank you for making the teething process a little easier!!

Jonna M.
great product

We absolutely love these. The quality is great and has held up to our teething baby very well. I love to fill with water, flip upside down and freeze. We also like to put frozen fruit and veggies in these. They are really easy to clean with a bottle cleaner. Just pop the rubber mouthpiece out and scrub.

Roxanne J.
Awesome resource for 6month old eater!

My 6th-month-old song loves to chomp on this feeder... we've put a piece of avocado, sweet potato, pear, etc. and he loves them all... it allows the food to get into his mouth after a few chomps. Not too messy, unless he starts banging it on his high chair. Love this device more than the Netting ones (as the netting is never truly clean). This entire item comes apart and is so easy to ring off.

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Calies Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier - Fresh Food Feeder & Teething Toy for Toddlers & Kids│Pink