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Mae P.
This formula really works!

I ordered this product because I was always embarrassed to take my shoes off when I was with my boyfriend and going on vacation. It seems all my adult life my toenails seemed to be brown/discolored. I constantly needed to paint them or hide them when around other people, especially on the beach, cruises, etc. This product, when applied faithfully, made such a difference! My big toenail is now white; whiter than my other nails. I wanted to test one nail to see if it actually worked and it did! I am a loyal customer now and tell my friends and family about this. Seluxe truly does work, and I hope it stays on the market. It just seems like anything that is really great and really works is discontinued.

Francis R.
Super product to fight nail fungus

To start off I have used a few different treatments before and none has worked well. Sometimes the nail just came off, but the new nail had the same problem as the old. Really frustrating. This product I used for three weeks and there was a clear improvement in my nails. I am so happy with the result so far. I will continue to apply it daily, I urge you to keep it consistent to see fast results and to follow the instructions well. I always wash the area and dry it before applying the liquid. Then it needs some time to be absorbed properly. There is no itch or burn. Apply it thoroughly, also on the skin, this will be the most effective! For me it was exactly what I needed to finally eliminate the fungus, I hope it will not come back!

Janno H.
Slow and Steady

I have been using this now for about three weeks. I have been dealing with this issue for several years. It is extremely important to be diligent with cleaning your feet applying the treatment. It takes a long time for toenails to grow so don’t expect a miracle overnight. It will take time to see an improvement. As for my experience thus far, I do see improvement at the nail tips. The product is keeping the fungus at bay and allowing for the nail to grow. I can’t stress enough, keep your feet clean and do not miss an application.

Karla G.

My big toenails are now beginning to look healthy again. As with all toenail fungal infections the key is to keep the nails short and clean but, with a daily application as per instructions, you will soon see a big difference. I would definitely buy again & recommend to any of my friends who are unlucky enough to get a fungal infection.

Randall S.
Very effective.

I have had fungus toenails for almost 30 years. Tried taking podiatrist prescribed meditations including pills to no avail. Have been using this product for 10 days and have noticed a significant reduction in the thickness of the affected toenails. Very happy with the results so far.

Rose H.
Seems to be making a positive impact, though it is not a fast process.

Have been using for a few months now and it does seem to be helping. The toenail is healthier, though it is taking time to impact the fungus. Finally getting through to the nail bed which is hopefully a good sign. I think this is a long process no matter what you use. Good natural product. No scent and easy to use.

Jerson C.
Pleased with results

I have been using the solution for a month on my toenails and actually see improvement! I've tried other products that were a waste of money but this product seems to be working. I will continue to apply it 2-3 times a day to see if the fungus keeps clearing up. I like the fact that it seems to be holistic with no harsh chemicals.

Bill C.
This product works!

My toenail was almost completely white due to the fungal infection. I came across this product and see how it got such great reviews I decided it's worth a shot. I've used it for a couple of weeks now, and the root of my toenail has already turned pink, and the rest is not as white as before. So far so good! I can't be happier with this product:)

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