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Jacky M.

works better for multiple reasons: a.) it squirts out a certain amount each time so I'm not grabbing excessive, b.) the almost lack of alcohol makes for a thicker product that doesn't immediately evaporate and can cover a greater surface area. The scent is pleasing and subtle, which is significantly both more fragrant and smells of alcohol. The only cons that I can see as of now are the bottle design (as many have stated) since it is made of a harder plastic so I'm not sure how this will work out once I've gotten to the point of almost running out of product.

Also, I may be wrong so correct me if I am, but the last ingredient listed it "phenoxyethanol", which is an alcohol. However, in the case of this product, it's not only the ingredient that is least occurring, but it is also primarily just for scent/fragrance and preservative, so I'm personally not bothered.

Definitely planning on buying again!

Gabriel R.
Oily skin only

It is super gentle on my face. Does not dry out my skin at all like the other reviews say. Also, the other reviews complain that it is missing a lot of product when they received it and I cant complain. Obviously you're not going to get a to the top full bottle but the air bubble it does have is not bad. Smells excellent!! Super happy with my purchase and will buy it again.

Leah S.
Lot's of perfume- but a nice product

I purchased the product to use on cuts or burns..No way..this has a lot of perfume in it. It's a nice product if you are looking for a simple moisturizer and you are not perfume sensitive. But if you are expecting pure Aloe for medicinal uses..this is not for you. Nice smell but you cannot use it in summer it will attract mosquitos

Roma S.
Helps reduce redness on face, acne and moisturizing.

Feels so refreshing on the skin, especially my face. I have adult acne and this is pretty amazing for my sensitive porcelain skin. It's cleared the red blotches on my face. Smoothed out my skin and my acne is clear.
However, the other bottle releases more than I need for my face. I use the access for my neck, chest or just anywhere I need it.
But I've already almost used the whole bottle in a week! I'm learning to just use minimal pressure and lighty tap on my finger tips, so the big blob doesn't shoot out and I conserve. Make it last longer.

Claudia G.
Pure aloe I'm hoping

Aloe 99% soothing gel. Product arrived and is as shown. The packaging, however, was iffy. It was in a padded envelope, which luckily held up, but should have been in a box or at least shrink-wrapped. As advertised the bottle says 99% aloe, but has many other ingredients listed. Hopefully it IS the strength indicated and the other ingredients are thickening agents -- many ingredients for the 1% that's left, I'm thinking. This replaced another popular brand that I THOUGHT was pure aloe, but which said "pure GEL" on the lable, without the "gel" being capitalized, leading the consumer to believe it was 99% pure aloe gel, which it was NOT. At any rate this is a slick product that dispenses from the bottom and cleverly looks like an aloe leaf. Great marketing.

Donna C.
. Actually aloe

You can tell straight away it is actually aloe if you've been familiar with the plant. Very soothing and moisturizing. It's helped my acne alot, I don't need to use my acne cream as much anymore.

Charmaine M.
Amazinggggggg wish I bought it earlier

Ok so--I'd been eyeing this product at the Nature Republic store literally, probably, for the last two years, but skeptically. The consistency of it is just sooo different from anything else Ive ever used on my face that I really didnt know if I had a need for it or really even know how to use it. Then, recently, I read about K-beauty skincare and the idea of LAYERING moisturizers. So, this jelly aloe formula goes on AFTER your toner and BEFORE you put on a heavier moisturizer. Its bomb. bomb bomb bomb. I've been using for one week, religiously, and my old acne scars, which were getting hype-pigmentation from not being hydrated enough (its winter, and I'm changing apartments and have been flying a lot so my skin is really honestly long-term parched! ahhh) are nearly now all gone. I bought the one Im using here on amazon and IDK if its counterfeit or not, but its working and hydrating beautifully. For my next container I'll cop one in-store to compare results but in the meantime, LOVE the product Ive received and am addicted to putting it on, forreal

Marivic L.
Very soft and great for sensitive and combination-oily skin

Loved it but I do wish it was more full. There was nothing wrong with my package and the bottle was a pretty decent size about 8-9 in. There was a huge air bubble that took up the top half of the bottle so I do wish that it was more full but my bottle was sealed so it didn’t seem like anyone took some product out. Otherwise it’s super cleansing doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry (I have oily skin for the most part) my skin felt really clean and it does smell good and fresh. My skin is very acne prone to any new product but this did not break my skin out!

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