Glued Extra-Strength Hair Replacement Adhesive: Invisible, Waterproof Wig Glue for Poly & Lace Wigs



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Danielle E.
This glue Holds

It does what I says. This stuff will hold your lace frontal in place for a week. Follow YouTube video and wait for the glue to turn glue before sticking your frontal down!
Also to remove your glue from your scalp or wig use 97% or higher alcohol

Andy N.
Do it right & your results will be fantastic!

This stuff doesn't play! You MUST follow the directions, You MUST allow the glue to dry before applying your lace or it will dry white. You have to be careful when using - this is not that beauty supply store glue ... this is the real deal!
Do it right & your results will be fantastic!

Anya S.
This Adhesive does work- Just have to get the hang of it

I have to say that when I first used this adhesive....I didn't like it. I thought it wasn't holding my lace frontal down. But the problem was that I wasn't using this adhesive correctly. Folks....This adhesive works just have to know how to use it. Check out you tube videos on how the adhesive is supposed to be dotted along your forehead (in front of your hairline) then use your blow dyer on cool and keep it on the area you applied the adhesive until it turns clear...then re dot again for your 2nd layer and repeat same steps with the dryer. Trust me it works. It's all about getting the hang of it. Now I haven't tested out the adhesive for more than 1 to 1.5 weeks. It's just my preference to clean the lace and re-apply after a week has gone by. But otherwise, it does last for that amount of time. I've gone roller skating and sweated hard and my frontal was still in tact. Just when I got home after washing my face...I tied my hair line area up with a scarf. My frontal was still laid the next day.
I've included a pic of my recent install. Sorry, it's only showing my forehead but the hair was crappy...dealing with that issue from that seller....but as you will see in the pic...

Rea R.
As good as it gets!

This is the best glue so far, but if not used properly it will not give good results! U must must clean your area with alcohol and apply it least 2 thin layers, dry clear in between and u can get a good 7-10 day wear with it! Depends on your lifestyle and skin type! More you sweat or have oily skin the less hold you will have! Your lace and quality of your lace plays a major part in your outcome as well!

Lindsey N.
The truth!!

Used on lace front. Reminds me of Elmer Glue. Not too messy. Turns clear when ready to apply lace. Fast dry. The adhesive is solid. Exceeded my expectations!

Beverly Z.R.
It’s a great product holds well ... my wig been on for 3 weeks straight !!!

I really like this product considering this my first time purchasing. Honestly, the product itself is fine... it’s just removing it, it’s very sticky and clunky and rubbery ... I usually use alcohol to remove but it definitely needs patients... but besides that, it’s a great product.. it dries fast and holds well... it held my lace for 3 weeks straight !!!

Chelsea C.
Sticky but durable and secure bond

Do I need to even explain how essential this item is! It’s the best glue on the market no arguments. Fast shipping, fast installation, fast drying! Would recommend 3-4 layers for a complete secure bond. Also, product is white so make sure you let the glue dry before applying. Do not blame the glue if you don’t use the proper application process. Use rubbing alcohol for wig glue removal.

Teela S.

I like to wear my wigs when I go out. Some places are too hot but with this glue it helped a lot. I didn’t have any slips or moves to my wig. I washed my wig and the glue came right off. This product is better than Got2B and I will be purchasing again.

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Glued Extra-Strength Hair Replacement Adhesive: Invisible, Waterproof Wig Glue for Poly & Lace Wigs