Frixty Transparent Sprinkling Watering Can | Durable Stainless Steel Nozzle for Gardening



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Lorraine G.
Really Cute Watering Can

It came with 2 O-rings, but you only need one. The other is a spare. It’s really easy to assemble and take apart. But I don’t bother detaching the watering spout. It looks really cute so I just leave it out in my living room with all my plants. The scale on the side of the watering can is convenient if you’re trying to be super accurate. The plastic is thick as well, no issues with cracking. I was between this and another one, but I’m happy I went with this purchase, it’s a great watering can.

Ada B.
Ingenious design

Long-spout watering cans almost invariably leak at the seam where the spout joins the can. This design uses two pieces joined and sealed by a gasket. It is very unlikely to leak but, just in case, it comes with a spare gasket. Also, it is attractive.

Janice S.
Great for houseplants

This is a very handy design. Lets you pour easily without spilling over the rim of the watering can, lets you aim it carefully, so no slopping over the edge of the pot, and the measurements on the side lets you mix fertilizers easily.

Jessica A.
Great customer service

The can arrived with missing parts, but the customer service immediately sent the parts and even gave me a refund for the trouble! The watering can is just the right size, works perfectly, and now I can see and measure how much water I am giving to my many indoor plants.

Kylie M.
Looks great, and easy to use

I like the minimalist design and I can leave it out by my plants and not one thinks its out of place. I have about 10-15 plants to water in my house and 2 refills usually covers all of them. the long stem allows we to water the soil and not the leaves, which prevents splashing for plant that are higher up. Great price and great quality

Glaiza H.
Works well, simple design

The product comes in 4 pieces: the container, the spout, a gasket, and a screw cap to affix the spout. The spout diameter is necessarily smaller than the hole in the cap and can wiggle in the excess space. Don't forget to install the gasket or you'll get water everywhere you don't want it.

Minda L.
GREAT Product

This works great. I love the long spout and it is easy to water my delicate plants.

Martina C.
Well constructed and great for seedlings

This is a great pitcher for young seedlings. It has a long, narrow spout that lets you water right next to a small plant without crushing it. It's easy to maneuver between plants so they can be reached easily without moving them.

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Frixty Transparent Sprinkling Watering Can | Durable Stainless Steel Nozzle for Gardening