Chiwash Washable Hair Coloring Wax for Men & Women 120g

Color: Gray


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Glaiza H.
Very easy to use!

I have been using this product and I really like it. It works best when you wash your hair and let the color dry in your hair; less comes off on your clothes that way. I've found that when I put it in on dry hair some of it rubs off.

The color is vibrant and it's easy to change up your style.

Martina C.
Great temporary color

This color was easy to put on my natural hair. It does dry your hair out so I put leave-in conditioner and moisturizer on before putting the color in. Best to put on while hair is damp. Did not work very good on dry hair. Easy to wash out. I didn't put a lot on so the color was subtle.

Jelly V.
Yes, please!!

I want to dye my hair purple but wanted to make sure I liked it first. This stuff was great. My hair was wet when I applied it and blew it dry. I slept with it purple last night and it still looks great. Love this product!

UPDATE: I slept in it and wore it again the next day. That night it washed out beautifully! LOVE THIS STUFF!

Hannah S.
Does what is says it will!

I have straight, medium-brown hair. I applied it to both wet hair and dry hair. It goes in much smoother if your hair is wet, but it comes out way less pronounced, like a subtle hint in the light. When applied to dry, I would apply it to small chunks at a time, then brush out, then add some more. It came out so much more vibrant! Not the same as bleaching first, but still pretty good, especially in the light. When it's dry you can brush it and style, though it is a little stiff. I recommend styling first. It doesn't look like there is gel in your hair at all, though when I touch it does feel a bit odd. Overall very pleased!

Matilda G.
Purpose Served

Bought this for Halloween so my nephew could have a white tint and this did the job! It was very potent and worked like a pomade. I would recommend this. The box is pretty and it’s very easy to use for any age.

Minda L.
great for textured hair!!!

I loveeee this product! I’m too scared to actually dye my hair so this is a great alternative. I use it very frequently and I’ve had no adverse effects to my hair! I wouldn't recommend if you have finer hair, which is the majority of the bad ratings. it’s kind of thick (hence being called a wax) and it works better on textured hair.

Crissy R.
Loved it

I was nervous to use it. I didn't think it would work for 4c hair. It is wonderful. I will definitely buy it again. The only had thing is that after it dries it started flaking. Kinda like if you have bad dandruff.

Cassy G.
It really works!

I have black hair and I want to experiment with color. However, the idea of bleaching my hair is totally unacceptable because I want to keep it healthy. This is a great solution! Temporarily turned my thick, curly hair into a gorgeous hue of purple for several days until I washed it out. Transfer is minimal once it dries too. Plus, I can get about 4-5 uses out of that tub, even with all of my hair! Definitely recommend giving it a try.

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Chiwash Washable Hair Coloring Wax for Men & Women 120g