Wrapel Microfiber Hair Drying Towel Ultra Absorbent Twist Hair Turban

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Cherry S.
Great product easy to button and so soft

I bought one for me and one for my 7 yr. old daughter. I have always heard that drying your hair after the shower with a towel keeps hair healthy. I have only used this for almost a week and it does help your hair dry faster! Not sure if it's helping my hair to be healthy as it is too soon to tell. Great product easy to button and so soft! My daughter can put hers on and button all on her own.

Pamela M.
decrease hair drying time

I absolutely love this. The fiber is very absorbent. I have medium length hair and this has definitely decreased my drying time. It works so much better than using a towel. I just hang to dry and it is not something that you have to wash every day. Would definitely purchase again.

Bonna S.
Great, but if you dry your hair every day you may need 2

Exactly what I was looking for! My hair is shoulder length and it works perfectly. It would definitely work with longer hair as well. I wish it dried a little faster between uses, but I only was my hair ever 2-3 days so it works for me.

Amber M.
Very convenient

I love these hair towels! My 12-year-old granddaughter always takes a bath at night and this is the perfect item to avoid the back of her pajamas from getting wet. We also use it after swimming lessons Her mom just wrap her hair on one and it won’t drip down her back or on the car seat while driving back. They stay in place nicely.

Jasmin C.
Great product! No chemical smell. Wicks away moisture. Best buy!

I bought this hair towel because my last one was shot. I love this one! No bad chemical smells upon opening the package; clear directions; towel really wicks moisture away; and towel stays put with secure loop/button fixture in back. At the price I paid, I have to say this was a steal. I'm going to hand-wash it the first time to see how color-fast it is (I bought the purple color--love it!) before I mix it into the regular wash. I'd highly recommend this hair towel for anyone, even for people with longer hair (my hair is below shoulder length).

Bella B.
I especially love that there's a button and a loop

I never thought I could do this with my hair!! I always had trouble with my towels wrapping my hair, getting undone while doing things after shower. I especially love that there's a button and a loop at the back that stops it from unraveling. I keep having stray hair coming out of the sides, but that may be because I have short hair. And I can just push them back inside no problem. I really like that I don't have water dripping down the back of my shirt, too.

Kelly H.
Soft & absorbent!

I have used many hair towels before and this is my favorite! It is not stiff like others and instead is very soft and fluffy! It buttons nicely around my head while I get ready and when I take it off I can always feel that it has absorbed a lot of water! The purple color is also cute if you like purple.

Sabrina P.
Works very well!

I love the size and softness. It solved a problem for me. I no longer walk around with water dripping down my neck trying to keep a towel tied tightly enough. My hair does not drip and it dries in less than half the time!!! It’s also quite comfortable. Now I can let my hair dry naturally even in the dead of winter!!! Love it!!

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