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Jenifer W.
Boost for my hair!

It seems like this oil is working well to boost my hair. I have a thin wavy hair and I tested this product only on the scalp area on the left side of my head where some balding started 5 years ago. In a month I noted that the hair in this area has become noticeably thicker and stronger. Def recommend

Ludwig H.
Amazing!!!! Baby hairs growing all over scalp now!!!

Amazing!!! I’m only 32 and was experiencing balding patches near my hairline close to my ears and receiving lines I guess is the best to explain. Was starting to literally get bald patches. I have been using this product for over a month and I have so many new hair is growing it’s incredible. Completely shocked how well this product actually works! Give it a try, I promise you will love it if you use it as directed!

Louie P.
Great Product.

My hair was dry and breaking badly. Scalp was also sensitive. This is a very good product, it does help your hair become healthy. What I do it apply it and wrap my hair with a scarf before doing any exercise to help with the blood circulation to my scalp to promote even more hair growth. This oil is a amazing and i can say I can see the results I apply to my hair 3 times a week I ensure I massage the oil all over my scalp for a good 45 seconds - 1 minute to stimulate roots .This product is great if you use it correctly and it will aid with hair growth. The smell is not noticeable, so don’t worry that you cannot bear it.

Andie J.
Hair feels better

I have been using for about two weeks, every other day. I haven't noticed any new hair growth (honestly did not expect to) but my hair doesn't seem to be falling out as much as it was. Hair looks healthier and feels good. I have a dry scalp and it has definitely helped with that also.

Love L.M.
Reversing my hair damage

I believe it’s this oil that’s slowly reversing the damage that has been done to my hair - perm, color, and all the chemicals from hair products used over the years.... I’m now going all natural and hope that my hair can be restored to its original shine. Using it for 2 weeks, my hair is shinier and smoother by all means. This oil is the answer to my prayer

Edison F.
Seems to be Working

I had a scalp thing that made my hair fall out, I was like truly horrified at how much hair kept coming out every time I showered. After I got it under control, I wanted my hair back so I researched and came on this oil. It's super easy to use and I can rub the oil in for three days in a row before my hair actually looks or feels greasy and needs to be washed so it doesn't feel like I'm putting it in just to wash it out. I also use a hair growth shampoo so I'm not sure if I can contribute the regrowth to one over the other, but my hair is definitely coming back.

Tracy M.
Works great

I had a lot of hair fall after I had my baby and I had a spot towards the front of my hair line that was super thin. I bought this and applied as directed. Within the week my hair stopped gallo g out as much and I am now growing back some of the hair around my hair line. Love this stuff, would definitely recommend.

Michael S.
Proven effective

I was worried at first spending the money on this stuff but now that it’s proven effective, no regrets at all. Put it on my scalp for about a month or so and I started seeing changes after two weeks. My hair feels fuller and looks much healthier. Would be happy to invest more.

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