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Katrina R.
Great hold, keeps hair dry and not greasy!

I previously used quite a few products - from sprays to pomades to clays. Everything I used left my hair feeling too wet/greasy or heavy. I recently got a haircut and my barber used this powder to style me - when I first saw it in action I had one of those "no way" moments, but it works amazingly well. My hair stays in place all day, it's totally dry, and my hair doesn't get greasy whatsoever. Using this product allowed me to actually not wash my hair every single day, which has never happened before for me!

Kimberly H.
No Scent At All!

Sprinkles on lightly, blend in well, and adds volume. My favorite part is that it has absolutely no scent at all so you can put as much as you want without smelling of a strong perfume. It does add quite a bit of texture to your hair which helps with styling as well. It is very light and does not weight down your hair

Ryan A.
Great and easy to use

Amazing quality, highly recommend for anyone trying to add fullness without stiffness. I was skeptical at first, as I had never tried this product before, but once I applied this onto my very thin hair, it made my hair look thicker. Amazing product.

Lady L.
Absolutely love this product!!

I love this product!!!! Works just like it does in the salon. I have short, spikey hair and it gives it to hold and tons of texture to my thinning hair!!! but remember to use it sparingly. If not, your hair will feel dirty.

jacob t.
Cannot live without this dust. No other mattifying powder

My hairstylist introduced me to Dust It and have been using it for years. Great when used properly. If you put on too much, hair looks dull and matted. So start off with less, and add more if necessary. Terrific for hiding bald spots and wide parts.

Gian C.S.
Use very small amount

This product works great if you use it correctly. Just use a very small amount at first. If you need to add more add a little bit more. If you use too much, this makes your hair look chalky and dirtier than it was originally. This has a nice hold and it makes my hair look thick and gives volume.

Jerico M.
Best hair product ever!!

I absolutely LOVE this volumizing powder. With this powder it helps absorb any extra oil you have in your hair, makes your hair look full and smooth. Also, if during the day it starts to fall, you just have to run your hands in your hair, rub where you put the powder and it volumizes your hair all over again!! Highly recommended.

Lucy J.
Nice hold without the shine and residue

I ordered this for my teenage son who is at the phase of always styling his hair.
This Hair Mattifying Powder surprisingly holds his hair really well. He just sprinkles a little to get it styling, and depending on how long his hair is, he just adds more.
Being that it's a clear powder, he has no issues with it leaving white residue on his hair, unlike other hair products.
Overall, he is happy with his new addition to his hair products.

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