Halo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 5.0 in-Ear Sports Headphones Stereo Sound Sweatproof Earphones



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Alyanna S.
Budget Airpods

I like to workout but i also don’t want to risk breaking my more expensive AirPods. I looked online for cheaper alternatives and ended up with this. I couldn’t be happier as the earbud shape are very similar. The pairing is also as intuitive as AirPods so I find myself switching between these and AirPods all the time

Paolo G.
Buy these instead of Apple AirPods

I just got these a couple it days ago and I have to say that these are some serious AirPod rivals. Although I haven't tested the battery life to it's fullest yet the sound quality is pretty much the same. These rival pods fit into your ear pretty well too I can even run with them without the pods falling out. The pods are a bit bigger, but that doesn't seem to effect the fit, stability, sound, call quality and the ability to hear the world around you when they are off or on low volume. With these things oblu being $47 Apple better figure something out because the only real noticable difference is the size of the pods and the case itself. I would definitely recommend this for w good alternative to Apple AirPods.

Aaron B.
Great earbuds, lightweight and stay in

tried two other earbuds around the same price bracket before these. Both had noise cancelling silicone coverings. The first ones kept falling out; the second ones made my ears itch. I returned both. Finally I found these, which look a lot like the Apple airpods. I already have the Apple attached earphones at home for my iPhone, and I'd say the sound quality and lightness of these equal the quality of Apple earphones. This was like a Goldilocks process until I found earbuds that are just right. I have two pairs of them now--one for work and one for home. My assistant also bought them for her daughter. They're great, highly recommended.

Carol D.
Wireless earbuds in a compact case

These Bluetooth earbuds come with a small, white charging case. I was able to find them easily on bluetooth and pair them with my phone. The earbuds light up when placed inside the charging case, and the charging case comes with a micro USB cable that plugs into the bottom. Overall, these were easy to setup and use

Krisha G.
Small and powerful bluetooth headphones

I work out fairly regularly and love these earbuds. Silicone tips tend to irriate my ears after wearing them for a while, but I had no problems wearing them through a two hour workout. I like that they use a button for their controls, so I can reposition them when I need to and not accidentally press the pause button on my music. The sound quality is great with deep bass. These are perfect workout buds!

Levi L.
Excellent build and sound quality for a very reasonable price!

Excellent product and the value for money. I ordered these for myself as a backup but loved the sound and the battery quality so much that these are my main earbuds now.
Build quality is excellent and they fit comfortably in the ears. Also I have used them for 3+ hours at a stretch and the battery only went down some 21%. Love the sound quality as well, you can hear the low and mid tones clearly. Nice balanced bass as well.
Overall a very good product with good quality sound and excellent build quality. All this for a fraction of a price of the similar name brand products. Go for it!

Eris S.
I love these Wireless Earbuds!

Where shall I start? I love these! They look and feel just like the Apple airpods. They fit perfect in my ears and stay on even when walking and or running. The sound quality is great! I can hear the other person on the phone perfectly and they can hear me too even with music in the background our call was clear.

The same can be said when listening to music, you can adjust the sound from your phone too.

They are compact and can be charged quickly. I highly recommend this product!

Virginia L.
Great value in wireless headphones.

These are a great value for truly wireless headphones.
Sound is very good
Battery lasts for hours
Works with Android 10 on Pixel 2 XL
Works with Windows 10 and google voice for calls from computer
Nice compact case that recharges the plugs
Units work by themselves, so you can charge one and continue listening with the other

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Halo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 5.0 in-Ear Sports Headphones Stereo Sound Sweatproof Earphones