Weest Silocone Webbed Swimming Fingers for Kids, Women & Men│Green

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Calix G.
Really makes you swim fast!

My kids love these silicon hand webs. They've liked them to frog fingers and are absolutely convinced that it makes them swim faster. They are one size, though, and are designed for bigger hands. They fit my twins just fine but kept falling off the younger one's fingers. They've used them for a couple of weeks in the pool now and they are still going strong.

Princess Q.
Mermaids love these!

Well, I bought this to see if it helps me to surf. Lol and behold it works! It works out your arms and helps like a dolphin flipper stealing every wave from the looks in the da line up. I can perfectly grab my longboard, scratch my head, and slap a couple of dummies with ease while wearing these! Especially when people come up to ya asking what's in your hands...don't they know this is what happens when you stay in the water too long!

Marian D.
these are great but careful not to buy too small

Great and super inexpensive! Make sure you get them big enough! I'm 5'5, 115lbs, average to stubby hands and had to rebuy and get the mediums. They work awesome and you still have full dexterity to use your hands with them on. Love them. The smaller pair cut off finger circulation! They take a little getting used to-listen to the other reviews and make sure you get them wet before trying to put them on!

Marivic L.
Comfortable and tough

There’s really not much to say other than their really comfortable and are well built. I haven’t used these in particular while swimming, but I’ve used other ones and if you remember to spread out your hands, they really do give you more power with each stroke. I have large hands, and they fit me well, but it probably wouldn't if you have small hands.
The silicone feels cool and is flexible enough, and it leaves just enough of your fingertips exposed to still grip things.

Toni B.
They also fit her really well (she does have pretty large hands for a kid

My 11-year-old daughter is obsessed with mermaids and ordered these to go along with her tail. She LOVES them!! She couldn't believe how much faster they helped her swim. They also fit her really well (she does have pretty large hands for a kid, though) and stayed on her without any problems. When I asked her if she'd change anything she said she wished they were available in flesh-colored silicone so they looked more like her real hand.

Sede T.
Swim Gear

These might like the stupidest things in the world but they are actually excellent. I use web gloves for aquatic fitness. These are perfect for travel in that they pack small and dry fast. Most importantly they work.

Diane W.
very comfortable.

It has proven durable, done many miles, allows more effort through arms, as the open hand slightly curved portion is very comfortable. Open fingertips mean using hands for iPod or other adjustments is w/o complications.

Gabby B.
I am learning to swim after injuries

I am learning to swim after injuries to my back, neck, and legs. I do not have the strength to do strong laps, these help immensely to improve my stroke

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