Weest Silocone Webbed Swimming Fingers for Kids, Women & Men

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Amor P.
Fins helps to swim faster

This is a cool gadget, especially when swimming. I am not a fast nor a good swimmer but wearing this made it seems like I am moving and swimming faster than usual. the fit was not bad also. It is a silicone, thick plastic and it fits nicely on my fingers. It did not irritate my fingers when I used it. It is something to get used to because I don't usually open my hand when swimming. I usually wear medium size gloves. Wearing these fins, I had to really extend my finger wide open. It was not that bad. It is something to get used to.
I received the shipment on schedule. It was actually a couple of days faster than what it showed on the approximate date of delivery. It just came in a plastic bag. I don't know if this is one size but the fit on my fingers fits well, I just had to really open my fingers so wide for a full stretch.

Maui D.
Good quality silicone material

I was very impressed with the quality of silicone used on these swim gloves. Also, the manufacturer uses a good thick gauge if silicone adding to its durability. The only thing I would change on these is the width of the webbing from top to bottom in between fingers. With that said, great quality overall. I'd recommend these.

Penelope C.
I'm listing my finger sizes if it helps

As I am giving these a 5-star rating I clearly love them. They make swimming with my mermaid fin even faster. They are quite a lot of fun. When I was going over reviews I noticed complaints about sizing issues. I bought both a large and a medium just to be on the safe side and let me tell you what I discovered. For those who claimed that they have small hands but only the large fins fit I a pretty sure don't actually have small hands. They didn't give sizes so I don't know for certain, but my hands are (ring sizes); 6.5 for the thumbs, 6 for both pointer and middle fingers, 4.5 for my ring fingers, and 2.5 for my pinkies. The medium size fin fits me perfectly. I hope to give the size of my fingers helps others in their sizing decisions.

Cynthia W.
Add extra workouts to your swimming

They add extra force to your upper body and combine swimming with a good workout. They are nearly invisible in the water, easy to put on and take off, lightweight. Since they are silicone, they fit different sizes of hands.

Lucy J.
I love these!

I have several pairs of these and they worked great for my mermaid photoshoot! I used an Exacto knife to cut the rounded edge off my first pair for a more realistic look. A year later they still hold up even after being cut. I have proven to kids I am a real mermaid just with these fins alone! ;)

Olivia C.
Those are great. I like to use them because I have ...

These are great. I like to use them because I have some pain in my thumbs when swimming if the current pulls them too hard. The webbing prevents them, my thumbs, from pulling too far. easy to put on when under the water. just takes a couple :) great price too :)

Jerico M.
Second time ordering

Used it to surf. Liked it so much, I let a couple of my surf buddies try it. They liked it too. So I gave one of them the pair I had. Ordered several more this time around. Unfortunately, the second time ordering from the seller there was a little hick-up on the second shipment. It was accidentally shipped to California when I am located in Hawaii. Contacted the seller, they were happy to assist me and send me out the order I had ordered. Missed a little swell due to the mishap but overall, glad they were happy to send it out to me and got to use them today. Be careful about putting them on the first time. Ripped a pair first time. Other than that, these things are great! Helps get on the waves faster and definitely doesn't have to work as hard.

Richard W.
Comfortable and durable.

I've been using that product for more than two years. Generally, they last for a couple of months and they get torn. This time I bought four pairs and I've been using the first pair for more than three months. They are stronger and more comfortable than other products that I had bought before.

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