SiShop Portable Handheld Pocket Small Sewing Machine

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Erick S.
Very easy to use for teenagers and adults

I have just what I need in the toolbox, and some more. The extra tools are also a plus. They met my needs perfectly. This should be a good gift for teenagers. Very easy to use.

Claudia G.
such a nice machine!

I LOVE IT, so easy to use I'm a completely self-taught on it and it was sooo easy to learn how to use and really holds up well through travel in my suitcase (I live in 2 different cities throughout the year and bring this with me) nothing has broken on it yet even though I’m 100% sure I haven’t been packing it properly.

Marivic L.
WAY Better than "Real" Sewing Machine

I have a "real" sewing machine but I never actually use it because it is really far too much to set-up just to fix a quick hem or tear in a toy. I love this, really easy to use, handheld sewer. I can run this right along whatever existing stitch to match up the location and easily bridge over tears. I find myself much more willing to fix things rather than replace them when it is much easier. I will probably sell my real machine now.

Toni B.
Easy to use

This is incredible and so easy to use! Great for quick repairs like holes in pants, pillow cases, shirts, etc. You put the thread in and just press down. You only need to use one hand. Life saver if you have kids that are always destroying their things.

Calix G.
Very good value for the money

It gets the job done. Will be more easy if another hand holds the pants while you are guiding the sewing machine otherwise the seam will be curvy and not straight (like mine, hahaha).

Durrel F.
Good purchase hard to use

I am having issues using this machine but I'll figure it out eventually other than that it's good quality and is cordless just not sure how to get the thread to stay in the fabric!!

Sede T.
Nice for a small place

I've wanted a sewing machine in my apartment for a while but don't really have the space for it. There's a learning curve to it and I don't think I'll be making a quilt anytime soon, but should be good for mending items when needed.

Diane W.
Easy to carry and easy to use

I'm glad I bought this sewing machine by hand. It's light and easy to carry. Even for a novice like me, it's easy to operate. It applies to any material. I used it to make some clothes for my daughter's doll, the effect was very good, my daughter was very happy. I'm so happy to be at home, sewing with my daughter.

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