BabyQuest 4 Layers Cloth Diaper, Washable and Reusable Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts



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Hannah S.
Absorbent without bulk

I really love this product. I was looking for something that was absorbent but not bulky. I have been using these for about two weeks now. They definitely need to be doubled for long naps or over nights but work for daytime (2-3 hours). I use them for my one year old and three year old. I had a few concerns in the beginning, but once the insert was fully prepared they worked very well. The customer service is by far the best I have received by a cloth diaper company. I hope to try their pocket diapers in the future.

Kelsey B.
No more rash!

I ordered more of these as we are slowly transitioning from disposable to cloth diapers as our gifted supply dwindles. These are a great value for the money. I love that they are made of such gentle material and still very absorbent. The best part is my baby seems so much more comfortable when we use these inside her covers as opposed to disposables. With the disposables she starts to get a little rash and redness, but it goes away within just a couple cloth diapers! In my opinion this is the best option on the market for diaper inserts considering they are so affordable and functional.

Joyce C.
Bamboo over microfiber

I first started using bamboo inserts from a known brand, and fell in love. I had planned to buy more inserts to replace some microfiber ones, but picked up the Quest 4 layers Cloth Diaper on a lightning deal. They are longer than the previous brand I bought, but work well folded over slightly in my snap pocket diapers. Great absorbency, wash wonderfully. My wash routine is a cold water rinse followed by a hot water wash with Watkins powder detergent on my washer's "heavy duty" cycle. I tumble dry on low

Karyll C.

Bought these to double stuff my little one’s diapers at night because we were getting leaks. These work great! They do take a while to dry in the dryer. I have also noticed an odd smell from them after washing them. It’s not a poop or pee smell, kind of like an old milk smell. Not sure if it’s my wash routine or just how they are? But I haven’t had them that long and noticed the smell after the first wash.

Susan T.

My daughter started leaking through microfiber inserts so it was time to search for some more absorbent inserts for our pocket diaper.I washed these a few times but did leak for a bit although I believe it could have been the fit of the diaper and needed to go to the next rise snap. You do have to wash a good amount of times as with any other inserts to get maximum absorbency, have had these for a good amount a time and they hold up very well with our heavy wetter.

Caroline D.
Got the liners ...

I have been cloth diapering for two months so far. Love these inserts. They fit great in a flip diaper cover and stick out the back a little cover (on the smallest setting). Love the liners so much I am thinking about buying a diaper set. I am also considering buying more liners at full price. They are soft and absorbent and have not bothered the baby's skin. They have stained, but I was able to sun them and get the poop stains out.

Matilda G.
We all sleep longer

We purchased these liners because our 2 month old was wetting through her diaper, clothes, and bedding multiple times a night, even with doubling up her cotton pre-folds. They have worked wonderfully and are so easy to use. They make her diapers less bulky so her clothes fit better which makes them easier to get on and off for changes. She has started sleeping longer (7+ hours) and we still have no problems with her wetting through. We have had such a great experience with these that we bought more.

Hani V.
Amazing! Absorbent, easy to clean, super soft!

I absolutely love using these inserts for my daughter's cloth diapers! They're so incredibly soft, I just want to rub my face on them all day, and I'm definitely not worried about my daughters skin coming in contact with them! They're very absorbent, I stack one with my own insert and haven't had a leak since I started using them! They clean up well, and sun out great! I'm going to buy more as I get more diapers! I may go only to the Quest’ soon! Love you guys! You have the best inserts!

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