Wovegi Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper | No Insert

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Claudia G.
Cute prints, and good quality

The bag arrived split, but the contents were correct and everything was there. I ordered these as my other pockets are getting a little snug on my son and I read that these have a little more room for thigh chunks. They ARE bigger and offer a little more room, thankfully. I still feel for chunky thighs they could offer a little more room. My son is only 19 months and while I’d like to hope he will be potty trained soon - I’m not in a rush, so I’m a little worried at how they’ll grow with him as he’s already on the loosest set of snaps. The prints are super cute though.

Elsa R.
Best cloth diaper shell for older kids.

These are just shells for cloth diapers, so they aren't very absorbent. With the proper insert these are my favorite cloth diapers for older babies. My baby will be 2 in March and these are so easy to double inserts for long naps.

Joey D.
Great product especially for the price !!

Love these cloth diapers not only are they great prices they do not leak Love that they have the second barrier to keep everything in and especially if you have a baby that has skinny legs.

Marvin M.
A must have!!

A must have for cloth diapering. Affordable and cute. Well made! I mostly have regular pockets in my collection, this one is a little different with the other leg elastic guard. Hopefully it will contain my little boy's blowouts! I Just wish this came with an insert! One must be added to the pocket before it can be used!

Marivic L.
Great Pocket Diaper

Overall this is a great pocket diaper, no stitching issues, quality snaps, double gussets, PUL laminate is excellent, the printing is very vibrant and didn't fade after wash. Most of my diapers are microfleece lined but due to my familiarity of charcoal bamboo lining I did want a few with it as lining, this brand offered much cuter prints than other CB lined brands. Even unstuffed these are a bit thicker of a diaper than some of my sewn in pocket diapers but being as cute as it is who would want to hide it under pants anyway? Overall will consider this brand again in the future.

Vico C.
Great product for price

These were my first purchases for cloth diapering and I love them. The instructions could be a little more clear but once you figure it out, it’s super easy. I’m a newbie at cloth diapering and I haven’t had any issues with leaks with these.I love them so much I ordered another set!

Toni B.
Work great!

We just started our cloth diaper journey with my 3.5 month old. We bought these diapers because they were very affordable to start with. I LOVE them. They are very easy to stuff and for my daughter well! I prefer this to my other diapers.

Calix G.
Better than the name brand!

I mainly used name brand cloth for a while then I thought I’d give these a shot! I really love these! The inserts are absorbent and the snaps aren’t hard to put together and I haven’t stained one yet!

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Wovegi Bamboo Charcoal Cloth Diaper | No Insert